The saga of Infinity Imperium!

Today and an important day where we finally announce, the news that beats all the news we've ever written! With great honor and joy we announce the saga of I.I (Infinity Imperium)! We have been waiting for this moment for 3 years and now we can announce it! Why so long? 3 years ago we only had a graphic engine available to our knowledge, while today we have 3! Already for a long time and years that we let understand that I.I, it is a story too complex and extensive to tell it in one and only title. Here we decided to spread the story until the titles were not well balanced. And that's why we put so much to finish the first chapter, we want the titles to be AA / AAA and have the right balance of narrative and gameplay! Today is a historic day and we celebrate it with you and show you a preview of Infinity Imperium 2! Totally the 3D compared to the first chapter that rests between 2D / 3D, perhaps we will evaluate to use the same 3D graphics engine for 2/3 sequel, but we will se…

Holes and the microlife!

Hello everyone! Back to talk about Holes, now those who follow us for some time knows that this bizarre multiplatform RTS that follows the revolutions of caries as a civilization, will bring great fun! This simple and fast game will make the gameplay experience fun and fun! Thanks also to the microlife that populates the entire mouth. As you can also see from the photo of the news, the caries civilizations will be many and easily distinguished by their color. Recall that this special project, which belongs to the age 1 of the universe of infinity imperium, is designed and designed to bring the basic strategy within everyone's reach. Big and small! But stay tuned other news are about to arrive.
Holes e la microvita!
Salve a tutti! Torniamo a parlare di Holes, ormai chi ci segue da tempo sa bene che questo bizzarro RTS multipiattaforma che segue levoluzioni delle carie in veste di civiltà, porterà grande divertimento! Questo semplice e veloce gioco renderà lesperienz…

The Camagames Studio towards the Age one?

Hello everyone we recently announced the great news of the Age, included in the universe of Camagames. And we have bent its narrative utility and convenience of event development, making it more long-lived and clear to understand. But how many projects have been developed available for the one year? Like A / AA projects no one! But almost all minigames, excluding future comics. So to make available in our catalog as well those projects, here we announce a targeted path in making the old and obsolete minigames revisited in A / AA products to let them enter not only in our price list. But finally within everyone's reach! On the official website and on our app. here we have evaluated our situation and eliminated useless futile things and services, it will take time to make them all available, but it will be worth it and above all you will always be updated by our blog! But the news does not end here! Stay tuned because you will see beautiful ones!

Multiplatform Camagames Developer!

Hello everyone! The last news marked a moment for us only! The possibility of opening a service to help developers, in publishing their projects. As a Publisher, the service will guarantee to publish on multiple platforms, giving the opportunity to those who start taking the first steps towards the world of development to publish on multiple platforms! You can publish your mobile games and PC, as always you can contact directly to the service for more information at Camagames Developer multipiattaforma!

Salve a tutti! L’ultima news a segnato un momento per noi unico! La possibilità di aprire un servizio per aiutare i developer, nel pubblicare i loro progetti. Come Publisher il servizio garantirà di far pubblicare su più piattaforme, dando la possibilità a chi inizia a fare i primi passi verso il mondo dello sviluppo a pubblicare su più piattaforme! Si potrà pubblicare i vostri giochi mobile e pc, come sempre potete contattare direttamente al servizio per ulteriori i…

Welcome Camagames Developer!

Hello everyone! For us it is a pleasure and a joy to give you this news! For some time we have seen Developer looking for a Publisher, useful in the first steps towards the publication of their games. Here we have thought of you! You Developer at the beginning! You who try to publish your first project or do not know where to start, you do not want to have too many things to manage and you want to publish without too many thoughts! Camagames Developer is created and designed to simplify the distribution of your projects, the service is simple and will not require any registration fee. But it will only take 20% of your sales! If there will be no sales you will not have to give any percentage to give to the service! You read right! Camagames Developer will follow you in every step and will provide you with a management software, where you can follow the sales trend of the individual games. The popularity and feedback from users, all this without spending a penny! As said before the serv…

Holes Demo

Hello everyone! Some time ago we talked about the famous Holes saga, and the beginning of the development of the revised version in 3D. We want the project to show itself for what it is! A mini universe inside the mouth! And we decided to readjust the old 2D project and bring it back to 3D, as you well know, the project has had many stops during its development. Now thanks to the new engines supplied, we will bring the project back to life and turn it "hopefully" into a real saga. Its game strategy will be within reach of all adults and children, but the real breakthrough will be its flexibility of play in the 3D environment and multi languages. Already from the Demo version you can choose two basic languages, English and Italian that will give more portability to more users. We do not exclude the addition of more languages ​​over time, the Demo will be announced soon and published later. We remind you that the project will be only for the mobile world and distributed for An…

Render 80

Hello everyone! For us it is a pleasure to introduce you to Render 80, this project which is a great tribute to the 80s contains many game modes. The basic game play is very reminiscent of the famous "GTA" and you can explore the whole city, various jobs and particular places. In fact, the project is a fusion of this style of play with an action game and an escape, and more! A mix of well-assembled modes all combined and intertwined in a compelling story! Time travel and lost futures will be the goal of the game trying to restore the memory of the protagonist, lost for a time travel altered. In a future where humanity no longer exists for 100 billion years, the earth is now devoid of life and governed by a cybernetic civilization born from the ashes of humanity. The project is still 30% and we are defining the design well, in order to make it suitable for its 80s genre. For now the game will be available only for Windows and Mec, but we do not exclude a possible version for …