Camazone is now available!

Hello everyone! Some time ago we were talking about our Camazone app, which allows us to find everything about our projects. With great joy we announce that Camazone is available on all projects, including free ones! When you download one of our projects you will also find Camazone, which will allow you to download updates, DLC, MOD and much more! We have already also tested a game streaming but it is still in the demo phase, in the future we plan to integrate it into the Camazone to make our stories experience without limits! But of this we will have ways to talk about it in the future, we are already publishing revised projects of old stories, to make them in line with the universe of Infinity Imperium! Stay tuned the news doesn't end there!

Camazone da ora disponibile!
Salve a tutti! Tempo fa parlavamo della nostra app Camazone, che consente di trovare tutto sui nostri progetti. Con grande gioia vi annunciamo che Camazone e disponibile su tutti i progetti, compre…

Planton joins the Infinity Imperium universe!

Hello everyone! Today we inform you that the title (Planton) that you can find for free on our official website, has been adapted for the official inclusion of the I.I universe. the game will always be updated and will expand more and more, thanks to upgrades you can always add new content! Planton is set after the events of Infinity Imperium, which for the moment we can't unbutton much until Infinity Imperium is released. We are honored and happy to put such a project in management puzzle style! But exactly Planton things? As mentioned above we will tell the right details without connecting to I.I, so as to avoid making spoilers on the final of the most unique project there is! Planton tells of a form of plant life that over time has become aware of itself, and wanders in space on the ground forming planets (uninhabitable) And here we get to the heart of the game! Where various elements will have to be collected on the planet, which by combining them together will ha…

The planetary orbits of Infinity Imperium