Control the re-launch in 2012!

Finally we can say with certainty that the same titles Control and Control will be re-launched for 2012! What qualifications will we see? So often had control from the beginning of problems for itself and its launch titles, a platform being free and having paid product makes it particularly bizarre. Control has been revised and updated for quite some time to define a single point from the final version that we will see in 2012, most likely the final checklist for the platform enable you to carry around in a Control key and turning the room of your friends in a real high-tech video game room, always confirmed as voice commands and a lot of goodies that will reveal the official date and predicted theoretically for the summer of 2012 or the end. So great change and great return that will open the door to securities for groups such as table tennis and dancing games! And much, much more a platform for life-changing.


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