Holes 31 December 2000 arrives!?

The Camagames is putting its best efforts to get out Holes in 2000, and includes a semi-official date would be December 31, 2011 the very end of the year 2011 because semi-official? Why do not yet know if the intent of releasing Camagames succeed in Holes 2000 in time for the date indicated. Anyway, an official date announced so if all goes well we will see December 31, 2011 finally our Holes 2000, and about the demo? The Camagames confirmed for the half of December or next to the official release of the game. This provides tight timing, but that will allow everyone to test first hand what lies ahead for the sequel to Holes. But what it will cost the title? The Camagames has released too much and that has reduced the re buget will size it is expected that all costs and it's up to 20 € but being in the very first time you launch period of January will be on offer for 15 or 10 €. As it all Camagames sell products that will not exceed € 20. What can we say we can not wait to enjoy the trailer and the demo to see us finally. www.camagames.it


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