Holes in late 2000!

It seems that this month's obligations Camagames could not swing the release of H2000 and let it get to January 2012. Big problem because their other projects for that period must be initiated immediately. Holes could be the end for 2000? No, but a nice safe delay. Everything is supposed to separate the commitments Camagames going to change some things in the game to make it a little 'longer and more flexible, as we approach the new year, provides another special chapter of Holes. The initial idea was to bring new technologies to 2000 Holes of races, without regaining its evolution, after a short time (during its final development) is the last and decided to remedy Holes 2000 and lead the evolution of cavities as in the first chapter. And how many times there will be but we will see some beautiful, all for the release of Chapter 2012. www.camagames.it


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