New resources for 2000 Holes

Soon we will see the official website of the launch trailer for the game! It's too early to know if I will be advertising if dinner will be others. But make it a lot of play and presentation of the product, the trailer will soon be added to and made available for the blog. So very soon we will preview the site as you can see the trailer, but now let's talk about 'resources in particular the new role that allows you to be a sequel to Holes 2000 in addition to its interesting complexity in general we can better manage the diplomacy decay of civilizations. This is a good thing than its predecessor which, unfortunately, scarce in this respect. Now with Holes 2000 we could better manage the characteristics of a color assigned to each civilization, where everyone will have their good and bad behavior, there will also be able to see them against certain alliances and battles. In the sum of their real minds that they see and have their say in every moment, we will soon see the beautiful with the release of the trailer.


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