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Camagames Indies game!

New year new life! The Camagames even more quality in its products, which decided to make real beatable, and the output of each title taking care of every detail. Design, programming, music. That's in addition to the licensing of collaboration Camagames dives in the quality and limits any project that goes too far by ensuring the quality and longevity here is that from now on everything will change! Here is the announcement that Camagames opens the door to any future and versatility. New news and updates less frequently may be the cause.


Camagames Indie game!

Anno nuovo vita nuova! La Camagames fa ancora più qualità nei suoi prodotti, che decide di rendere reale e battibile l’uscita di ogni titolo tenendo cura di ogni dettaglio. Grafica, programmazione, musica. Ecco che oltre alle licenza di collaborazione la Camagames si tuffa nella qualità e frena ogni progetto che corre troppo garantendone la qualità e longevità ecco che da oggi in poi cambierà ogni cos…

Create games with abbreviations!

With version 2.6 ° Control should see the light this summer with lots of games and demos, will light a project much discussed and talked Shortens! The software that will make games on the platform control, a revolution that has long looked lost and gone forever. Today we confirm the return to shorten the graphics solely for 2D, given the limits of Control momentary Shortens develop 2D games only. And its release we decided to create a partnership for those who want to build and sell video games unque created Shortens Camastore and sell them on our channel! With a licensing contract and software pros, right now we are giving the opportunity to realize the dream of all, create and sell their game for more information please contact us.

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Creare videogiochi con Abbrevia!

Grazie a Control 2.6° versione che dovrebbe vedere luce questa estate con tanti giochi e demo, vedrà luce anche un progetto tanto discusso e parlato Abbrevia! Il software che permetterà di realiz…

H2000 and the delay of Control

Because of the contretemps with the libraries that control the various associations previously removed already here come the first damage, the delay has in fact led him to climb out of the game in the works. Trying to recover the damages done externally Camagames it took all his control to retrieve and re organize itself with software that supports Control, and finally we succeeded, unfortunately, the first title to suffer and he. One who has been beaten back and the order to be able to be born, I talk about Holes 2000 that is not only long overdue but still out there track demo! We gritted teeth because now Camagames after having been heard here for the removed packages that resumes its journey and the destination and H2000!

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H2000 e il ritardo di Control

Per colpa del disguido con le librerie Control che le varie associazioni anno tolto ecco che arrivano già i primi danni, in fatti il ritardo ha portato lo scalare delle uscite dei giochi in progetto. Cercan…

The Camagames becomes Publisher!

Now who wants to develop games for each unque Xbox, Playstation, DS, PC, Wii etc. .. etc. will flow from us! It is because with new contacts you could give the possibility to realize your games for each platform for developers and become Camagames! Each of us now on will realize his dream! Thanks to Camagames! Do not wait contact us now!

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La Camagames diventa Publisher!

Ora chi unque voglia sviluppare videogiochi per ogni piattaforma Xbox, Playstation, Ds, Pc, Wii ecc ecc.. potrà correre da noi! Si perché grazie hai nuovi contatti potremmo darvi la possibilità di realizzare i vostri videogiochi per ogni piattaforma e diventare sviluppatori per la Camagames! Ognuno di noi oggi in poi potrà realizzare il suo sogno nel cassetto! Grazie alla Camagames! Che aspettate contattateci subito!!

Details on Control 2.6a

Here are the possible requirements of Control
Control: Technical
* Identify and color depth
* Compatible with all PCs equipped with webcams and microphone
field of View
* Horizontal, Vertical: Depends on webcam
* Depth: 1.3m 3.5m also very light
* 320 × 240 16-bit depth @ 30 frames / sec
* 640 × 480 32-bit color @ 30 frames / sec
* 16-bit audio @ 16 kHz
* 32-bit audio @ 32 kHz
Tracing the Skeleton
* Up to 1 person / persons endless shift
* Player's movements endless
* Face Recognition User
* Ability to make the game Chat
* Multi-speaker voice recognition


Dettagli su Control 2.6a

Ecco i possibili requisiti di Control
Control: caratteristiche tecniche
* Identifica colore e profondità
* Compatibile con tutti i pc dotati di webcam e microfono
Campo visivo
* Orizzontale, Verticale: Dipende dalla webcam
* Profondità: 1.3m anche 3.5m con molta luminosità
Trasferimento dati
* 320×240 16-bit profondità @ 30 frames/sec
* 640×480 32-bit colore @ 30 frames/sec
* 16-bi…

No future for Control

Today we are here to make an announcement that includes two pieces of news, a good and bad news regarding the path of revival and development of Control. Control will be no fear! The problem is that development costs will be cut cleanly, and Control of its technology, as we all know and control a set of free software is designed on purpose to give the game a new experience for the PC platform. And a variety of software used to control and make the free version was withdrawn and sold, then click Control loses a heart that allowed them to stay in competition with the Kinect. And because control is on the side of the free! He could not counter this loss, you devalue me a lot of respect to the size it was before. The news good? Well we'll control with a new heart that unfortunately does not handle the power of the first or true from now on will be solely and exclusively for the Control 2D games! bad thing since many 3D projects were being studied for Control, as well as this loses mul…

The Camagames has its own store!

From now on, the window of the sale of Camagames and active not only for herself but for every developer who wants to start walking! From now on, active service of the truth or Camamarketing responsible Camastore and advertising of everything including the ability to make themselves known through Camagames. Many requests come via e-mail as usual and we urge you to continue, you want to sell through Camastore your game? Or to advertise? Camamarketing and what you seek, do not wait even a second immediately write or visit the official website for more info and details


La Camagames ha la sua store!

Da adesso in poi la vetrina di vendita della Camagames e attiva non solo per se stessa ma per ogni sviluppatore che vorrebbe iniziare a camminare! Da oggi e attivo il servizio della Camamarketing o vero la responsabile della Camastore e della pubblicità di ogni cosa compresa la possibilità di farsi conoscere grazi…

Opportunity for all with Camamarketing!

For some time we know the service (Camamarketing) that allows you to advertise and expose what they want or sell products, great thing for those who want to open a website or sell things online or its products including video games. The Camamarketing probably will detach from the support site of Camagames to undertake a site of its own and have its own space, and still early to say for sure, but still so we will soon see its website. So what are you waiting get to know!


Opportunità per tutti con Camamarketing !!!

Già da tempo conosciamo il servizio ( Camamarketing ) che permette di farsi pubblicità e di esporre ciò che vuole o vendere prodotti, cosa fantastica per chi vuole aprire un sito o vendere cose on-line o i propri prodotti anche i videogiochi. La Camamarketing probabilmente si staccherà dal sito di appoggio della Camagames per intraprendere un sito tutto suo ed avere un suo spazio, ancora e presto per dirlo con certezza ma continuando cosi vedremo pres…

The universe of Infinity!

This is why after a while 'is back to talk to Infinity! Not only great title but great technology! From image (promissory) we can see that the graphics will be very Catroon Infinity! It will fun with simplicity. But we have already spoken, and strategic Infinity'll talk about the method, as a talk titled Infinity of the universe. Already al'inizio because his universe reflected very real, and certain features such as graphics could break a little 'too much. So what's New? Probably, and I repeat you are probably thinking of creating a universe all its own with its different rules from the reality around us so as to make it unique? But for now, and see only an idea and perhaps could give rise to an extended version or sequel (which is difficult because the name says it all "Infinity") and then to an end and a beginning and not because the game is in full evolution, if there is a sequel will be based on improving the graphics, or other unnecessary details. A…

The beginning of the 3D!

We waited a year and a half to write such an article! Why after all this time we realize our 3D game will also be large peak or silly or serious, but will be the beginning of a new era! Yes, because in doing so we intend to take all our old titles with 2D and 3D time redo with excellent 3D graphics and making them exciting than ever! This will allow you to cross out more about the technology side, thanks to a Control which although now for the 2D will give a unique experience even for 3D! Control'll make games for 3D then ... and then many more stories and news is that PC Control! And now it's time to announce the titles that will list the titles in the final production! After that we all know what happens! Let's start now! At the first post in that imminent "and long overdue!" Holes 2000 arrives! "H2000" that although we will see him very late in pesto. In second place we find the expectation of the world revolutionary Holes! I'm talking about Hole…

The Camagames and 2D!

Recently we mentioned that the Camagames realize the latest headlines in 2D and then return with a title 3D! In fact, we are pleased to announce that there will be fewer 2D titles this year because after these the Camagames finally throw out the first game in 3D! But it will be the end of 2D? No! And only the chance for a long time trying to get Camagames ongoing struggles and finally, after we see the results. The titles that will Camagames this year are 4 or 5, and a lot about the uncertainty this year or if you realize the end of 2012. You will say so in the for 3D? No! Only the title on 5 and uncertain the other 4 are 100% that will be made this year! Again and a little 'soon on what will be the title in 3D but certainly we shall soon see that the 4 titles are longer term projects. Soon we will tell you the names of titles that give you the countdown to the first title in 3D!

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La Camagames e il 2D !!

Da poco abbiamo accennato che la Camagames realizze…

The Camagames! Finally the 3D!

The Camagames after long struggles and finally announces his debut with the 3D! Say and the bad news? It's true, and the struggles to publish a 3D title has always been tough! From design issues to the graphics engine and then the commitments! Certainly you are not given for Camagames won and is still struggling to throw off his first title in 3D. then what the news if you are still struggling? Camagames announce that this year (2012) that will produce the latest headlines and then after these bonds will be announcing that soon we will see the first game in 3D! This time it's just the beginning of time! In fact, later we will reveal many things about it and news. Including that game will be 3D.

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La Camagames!! Finalmente il 3D !!!

La Camagames dopo tanto tempo e lotte finalmente annuncia il suo debutto con il 3D!! Direte e la brutta notizia? Si e vero le lotte per far pubblicare un titolo 3D e sempre stata dura! Dai problemi di progettazione fino al m…

Camagames risk of loss Appgame!

Unfortunately, commitments and projects can greatly prolong the release of the first Appgame Camagames. And yet to be decided well before September 2012 but if there are projects initiated Appgame we postpone to a future in the longer than expected, certainly you will know as soon as the Appgame commitments and contracts expected to leave time to take in hand the new language that will allow the Camagames along with its 3D engine to start churning out 3D games, you know that you are toss left and right now that this new cute little hope. But the confirmation that will come out and taken and only a matter of time, we only hope that he does not spend too much time certainly will recover as soon as possible we have all the go.

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Camagames rischio perdita delle Appgame !!

Purtroppo gli impegni e i progetti possono prolungare di molto l’uscita dei primi Appgame della Camagames. E ancora da decidere bene ma se entro settembre 2012 non ci sono progetti avviati dovrem…

Control scheduled for August!?

Finally we can say that the relaunch of Control will be done in August, the month is not totally official, for that period should be ready to revive the great all-Marko! Relaunched in the window and much more, you have about future packages and soon we will see some good games but one thing at a time. Control as many know, and I repeat, however, for those who still do not know and a package of free programs that work under a single program to control precisely, thanks to this package makes it totally free and downloadable by all early in the appropriate area. A little 'less in place are the games that year as their cost is about prices that we release on the site, individually Control without games serves no purpose and was designed specifically to make gameplay more unique than ever. We will also see downloadable demos you can try using the new graphical interface that we will find that new versions will release around August.

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Control previsto per agos…

Popanta-Man could arrive in 2012!?

Perhaps we could start with the first and Popanta-Man but yet to be defined better when, for the various things to do and that the commitments Camagames is about to start and carried on. Surely the story will be based with the original path of his ancestor of 2006, yet to be determined if the game will touch on a version control that we'll know better later. If PM (Popanta-Man) would have a version control many would find difficult to play, perhaps because even in the version control room and we are about to release a nice version for laptops or PCs that are connected directly to a TV. Many aspects relating to the Control will be released soon, as a convenient version of Control and other useful details, in fact the project is still active, leading many technological breakthroughs that can give you players a whole new gaming experience, but you'll know more soon .

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Popanta-Man potrebbe arrivare nel 2012 !?

Forse potremmo iniziare prima con Popanta-Man…

Holes 3000 the revolution!

It is shortly leaving final H2000 flat but soon to be released late! While waiting for the various tests and final design, the demo will soon be released officially and on time. Even his predecessor and ready to be heard, after many new innovations and the sequel to Holes will be totally different! From what? We have already said that the mark of the first follow H3000 Holes started to beat up to evolve in the future technology will also be a different game modes! How? We have seen in the predecessors in H2000 and see that the management unit will still run from the mouse, while in H3000 warships will be handled by themselves and recognize the enemy at the gates of your empire and then attack! Definitely an interesting novelty for Holes by exercising diplomacy and better managing your empire. H3000, which means that there will be much more management of other predecessors. Still and dark when we started but soon you'll know

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Holes 3000 la rivoluzione !!!

The confirmation Camagames Popanta-Man!

The title may seem silly or something very strange about it instead of an old game made you the dawn of time! It was published in 2006 on tgm online! Today, after over 6 years since its inception it was decided to resume in hand and not just to do it again from scratch but also to continue it! They Popanta-Man because it was a trilogy platform, with skill and incredible obstacles and monsters hand made to the destruction of the evil Otu! The villain who want to exterminate the race Popanta-Man. The game will be based on its old tracks and will remain faithful to his first chapter of the 2006 but with revised graphics and other goodies! It will also take on multiplayer with joypad to help our hero of this information but more about that later in time, while we wait for the official release of H2000!

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La Camagames conferma Popanta-Man!

Dal titolo può sembra qualcosa di molto sciocco o strano in vece si tratta di un vecchio videogioco realizzato hai tempi degli …

Holes official release of 2000!!

After the explanation of why and how H2000 (Holes 2000) is late here at last we can tell you when it will release the official demo of the game and when it comes out the whole game on our Camastore. The demo is scheduled for mid January 2012 and in late January that the game will release on January 31, feasible idea that could get out before but this is expected if one of our products is unpredictable delay its release. The price of 15 $ but will be lowered to the issues that we know at 10 $ quietly purchased with a credit card or PayPal on our Camastore. Now the dates have been set we can only enjoy the wait and soon you will see all the final result.

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Rilascio ufficiale di Holes 2000!!!!

Dopo le spiegazioni di perché e come H2000 ( Holes 2000 ) è in ritardo ecco finalmente che possiamo dirvi quando rilasceremo il demo ufficiale del gioco e quando uscirà il gioco intero sul nostro Camastore. Il demo e previsto per meta gennaio 2012 e verso la fine di gennaio…

The secret of Holes 2000!?

Unfortunately we know and see Holes 2000 had its late and now we'll explain why. Holes for 2000 was the end of December 2011 to close the year and open the year with a new chapter of Holes that allow you to play for months instead of playing for a few hours as I have in common commercial games current games that we release, Holes 2000 was to be a bridge between these two modes and inland instead of mishaps Holes will be released in a version that will be close to the idea of what 3000 will bring us Holes. But H3000 (Holes 3000) we will have time to talk better and calm, H2000 will have two options instead of play the missions that have a history of evolution and fate of cavities and a 1 vs 1 battle mode that will do well to use cement Holes for new technology! The 14 missions are pretty and all, this will allow Holes 2000 to abandon his old robe and enter the new one that will include a title that will almost say almost to near infinity.

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Il segreto di H…

New year new games!?

Recently started a new annual cycle and we already know the titles that will be developed, including new and nostalgic games coming. The list is composed so that the titles are placed according to their output and after them will come out that way, the list of games that Camagames plans to develop and publish for this year are: 2000 Holes, Holes 3000, Infinity ; Control Package. These titles as well we see our dear friend who will finally have control of its space launch! The list is not ordered and then some titles may exit before others, and then analyze why there are two Holes! Holes hard to believe that 2000 "or his saga" is becoming a very metropolitan in place no! 2000 Holes has had some setbacks, but nothing serious development the definitive title and ready to see him this month! They've read that right. But we'll talk about in more detail later, and again in the list we see the sequel to Holes announced months ago that as well will be a revolution thanks to …