Visualizzazione dei post da Maggio, 2012

Building .... that hilarious!

FromthekidshadfunbuildingwithLegoorfamouswith the legendaryrulerwhokindergartenspupilavanoeach table,for the delectation ofthe funof every child!Eventoday thebuildingelementand alwaysinour nature,and stillwhenwe seethegrown-upswearetherulerorlegotears.Thanksto thegoodthatthesechildhoodyearsgaveusplastic,wantsto createfantasyandindulge.ThankCostructorwefinallystop dreaming ofthe good times, butputting theminto practice!In fact,we announcethe release ofCostructora niceflash gamethat lets youbuild andgo crazylike children!This excitinggame allowstwo modesofplay,the firstwheretheclassicalandbuild a towerreachinga height ofseveralsteepwith 10levelsto reach.The secondand the one thatwill allow usto do whatwe want andwhat we wantdilettarcito buildordemolish it.Costructorand a stepforward for theinteraction betweenimagination andability to achievegoals.Costructorwill give uswonderful momentsforthose of us wholoved tobuild andtear down,this game isalso compatiblewith the touch screenso theTabl…

A game for the space time and quantum physics!

Preparationsfor therebuildingprojectofBallFlashgame,the gamewasreleasedlong agoas a beta test!Ball andan interesting projectwhere he seeslabilityworlds andpuzzlesto finishwithphysicalspaceandtemporalchanges.The projecthasalreadybegun andiswell!The ideasfor redefiningballthereand also theteamand confidentto takeBallto its truesplendor.It's rumored thatmay havea mobile versionand perhapsalso forAndroid,but we will seethe course of events.We plan toreleaseBallthis year,thensurelywe will see somethingaround December2012 orpossibly earlier.Soonwe willanchorthe project, whichBallwill returnin his new role!

Un gioco per lo spazio tempo e la fisica quantistica ! Sono iniziati i preparativi per il rifacimento del progetto Flash game Ball, il gioco fu rilasciato tanto tempo fa come beta test! Ball e un progetto interessante dove vede labilità di finire mondi e enigmi con fisica e alterazioni spazio temporali. Il progetto e agli inizi e si presenta già bene! Le idee per…