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Costructor lands on NewGround!

One of thegood newsof thisperiod andCostructor!WhichwaspublishedonNewgroundand shorton otherportals!For those unfamiliarCostructorallows you tobuild towerswith the mouse, reachingthe height ofthe firstdesignatedtime runs out!
Here is the link

Costructor sbarca su NewGround!!  Una delle belle novità di questo periodo e Costructor! Che e stato pubblicato su Newground e a breve su altri portali! Per chi non conoscesse Costructor permette di costruire delle torri con il mouse, raggiungendo l’altezza designata prima che scada il tempo! Ecco il link:

Shortens creating video games drawing!

Shortens thesoftwareCamagamesthat his projectbegan in2011and isstillbeing developedfor the beta.Butthenwhat's newtoday?Shortensa softwareeditorandrevolutionarygameandmade​​all thecommontoolsfor creatingvideo gamesexploitlanguages​​or methodsoffastdevelopment,shortenseliminates anytype of language.Justdraw andusesoftware interfaceto buildamazinggamesin no time,theability toShortenfor noware stilllimited, butalready theteamis workingto makeShortena powerful tooland easy,allowingusersto buildvideo gameshave2Dand 3D.Shortensthe novelty ofitwillcreate2Dand 3Dvideo gamesonlydrawing,youcanchange settingsAIduring the constructionof the games, physics,multiplayer.All injust a few clicks.Shortenitwill showin itsfullcapacityover time,infact theteamhopes toleave abeta forall users andcan finallyenjoy theability toShorten.Thebeta isfreeand will have theobviouslimitations, itscapabilities will enable themto publishgamesfor the Windows platform.ThePro versionshortensthat includesfree upgradesto …