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The 3D graphics engine of Camagames!

For 2013,we are preparing avideo gamewith our3Dgraphics enginebuilt entirelyby us,thepurpose is toproduce not onlywell-finishedproductsin 3Dbutuse the rightgraphicsin future projectsand present.The "CamaEngine"somost likelywill be calledand supportsOpenGLandDiretcx9, this allowsas mentioned aboveto give the rightprojectsthat do not requirehighgraphics power.Soonwe will speakof the 3Dsecretin progressfor 2013butwe pause tosay thatCamaEnginewillputitalsoon thesoftwaregame "Shorten"that could seealightrelasein 2013.This would allowto realizevideo gameswithout any type oflanguage,not onlyin2Dbutalso in 3D.For now itstill too earlyto definea precise date forShortensseensobbingbetween a projectand the other, but we canfinally confirmthat the projectswill begin in 2013andif all goes wellwe will see ademobefore the end
Il motore grafico 3D della Camagames!!!
con il nostro motore grafico realizzato interamente da noi, lo scopo e quello d…

Since returning from their summer holidays here, let's concentrate on!

Nowthe summer holidayshave passedandincreasingly removedto make room forwinterfrog,while we waithereasthe bestconsolewith the projectsthatthis yearwe would seegiving light.Certainlycould not missthe highly anticipatedInfinitystorieswhich, with itssimplicity andgracefulnessbring the story ofInfinityon our screens, and whilewe look forward tothatinfinityis completed(stories)prepare us forhis long-awaitedchapter.Between the expectationswe will alsogive lightto the revised versionofHolesforflash,made​​while you waitHoles2000 (Holes)will give us therighttotaste usbetterintroductionto Chapter2000.Other projects areto be confirmedat the end ofSeptember
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Ormai le ferie estive sono passate e si allontanano sempre di più per dare spazio alamaro inverno, mentre aspettiamo ecco come consolarci al meglio con i progetti che entro quest’anno vedremmo dar luce. Di certo non poteva mancare l’atteso Infinity stories che con la sua semplicità e graziosità porterà la stor…