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The Empire of the Holes will be financed on

We intendto continueoursagaon the teeth,redoinga totallyrevisedand special forthis occasionTheEmpire of theprojectHolesHolesand the famous2000revised andgiven himanew titleto openthe door to anew type ofRTSyou. By nowwe have seenmanystrategy gamesand enjoyedtheir originality! But we want togive more thananormalRTS, we want the processororHoles(TheEmpire of theHoles) is remembered as theRTSdepicting theharsh realityiswhenyou neglectthemin ourgenemouth ..soonbe releasingthe official trailerofeppela.comhopingthat TheEmpire of theHolesbecome a reality,andsocangivenot only funbuta trueRTSlearn aboutthe negative effects ofthepoorgene.TheEmpire of theHolescouldbe the beginning ofsomething bigger, in fact ifthe projectgoes throughthe fundingwill havethe doors open fora sequel orfuture updatesasthe multiplayer.Butwe talk about theprojectand ask ourselves whatelsewilla commonRTSwith TheEmpire of theHoles?The answeralmost obvious,I say almostbecause thesetting of the gameasthe titleandjustone mo…

2000 Holes will be called The Empire of the Holes

The newscomesafter theloanofficerthatEppelaannounced that2000orEmpire of theHolesHoleswill be developed!The name changeisthe decision torevive thefranchiseafter theflophalfofHoles,andrelaunchwitha new lookand the new featuresthat will allowseveralnew functionsand morefeasible inan RTSthatrespect.The project includesmajor changesandupdatesknownaseditorandmultiplayerscenarios, butbackon the subject afterthe decision of theconfirmation offinancing and thencrossedditinaandhopefully it will bethe beginning of along saga!
Holes 2000 si chiamerà The Empire of the Holes  La notizia arriverà dopo il finanziamento ufficiale di eppela che ha comunicato che Holes 2000 ovvero Empire of the Holes sarà sviluppato! Il cambiamento del nome sta alla decisione di rilanciare la saga dopo il mezzo flop di Holes, e di rilanciarlo con una nuova veste grafica e delle novità che permetteranno diverse funzioni nuove e più fattibili a un RTS che si rispetti. Il progetto prevede gr…