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Epy sbarca do!!

Our friendlyheroEpyandarrived indebuton IndieDBDemoversionof course!We couldin factinvited to enjoya couple ofworldsand its simplicityin sendingparanoiaplayersto solvevarious puzzles, wehavethe full versionfor only€ 2and enjoymore than 12to unlockallworldsand solve.You can find iteasilyonthe official websiteCamastorewww.camagames.itCertainly do not forgetthis opportunity!The staffwill issuea€ 2other projectsalwaysonCamastorenotmiss theseunique opportunitieswhere the funpure and simpleattheright price!TheCamagamesgoing tomake asequelif the gamewill makeenoughsalesunderstandif fanswantasequel!

The empire of the Holes of EPPELA.COM!!

Finally aftera long timeof procrastinationandhere comes thepreparationof the expectedCrowdfundingproject!We invite allour readers andfansto followthis initiativewhich sees the creationof a video gameto raise awarenesstotake better careof ouroral hygiene!Thisproject willbe realizedin the future ifacommunitywhere playersfrom around the worldwillcompeteto conquer themouth!So do not missthisimportant eventsupporting ornotsupporting theprojectfollow usbecauseit will bea strategicinnovative and neverseen before!Thankyoueppela.comandsupporterscouldgive rise toan RTS gameasyou respectand the ability tobe able tochange someaspects ofthe playersto make it evenmore funand better!Sowhat are you waitingconnecton contribute to thecreation of agamecommunity! to
( ITALIANO ) The empire of the Holes su EPPELA.COM !!!! Finalmente dopo tanto tempo di rinvii e di preparazione ecco arrivare il Crowdfunding dell’atteso progetto!…

Control coming for 2013!

Thesoftwarethat allows interactionbetween webcamand video games, andrightnowhis goal, even atits betalaunch!In fact,Controland softwarecreatedand testedto allowany computer thathasa webcamto playvideo games thatyoupost, some time agothe first betamade​​a lot of progresshoursafter closingfor the loannote andthe renewal of thesoftwareweprovideneweven betterthan in the past.Controland onlytakesaspringboard forfuturegames, withasystem of actions andvoice commandsallowan interactionand abetter gamingexperience.For the moment,the software willplayin single player modethan itsoldbeta, but soonwill releaseupdates thatallowtruecomparisonsmultiplayer.Oryou cansit back anddisabletheprimary controlsto always includea joypadwiioranother at all times, controlisalso integratedtothesoftwareshortenswhichallow you to developanddesignvideo gamescontrolled by yourwebcam.As always, thesoftware will beissued free of chargethat will permit accessto hisstoreto buy gamesand download gamesfree, now, however,an…