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Infinity Stories waiting to be discovered!

Recentlythe launch ofafantasticInfinityStoriesRTSweintroduceall'iniziofInfinity!Thehistory of the beginningof life andthe unbridled pursuitof those who havecreated life!NiceRTSthatwill provide hoursof fun and entertainmentall inFlash!Itisannounced that theproject will beinFlashand for the momentwill remainon this platform,far fromthebig brotherofInfinitythat will be completelyonline andfor the time beingandinbeta testing.ButI will talk aboutlater, InfinityStorieswill havea lot of medalsto be wonand speakvery littleof what wasin the beginning, in factStoriesand the beginning ofthe universebythatInfinitywillnowspreadeverywhere in the universe.Butno one knows whocreated lifeeventhe first creaturesso it seems,apart from a briefancient legendtold in thecourse of the game.Storieswill be based onthe basic principles ofwhat is to comein the future,soonwe will know therelease dateof the ( ITALIANO ) 

Civip a turn-based game!

TheCamagameswant to goon theRTSandwill focus onaturn-based gameinstyleCivilization, althoughmany titleshave dealt withthe style oftrying tooverthrowthe throneiconofotherfamous titles. TheCamagamesimplement asimilar gamebutnotpointing tooustanyone!Indeedit will bea classicturn-based strategygamebutwherethe VIPswill begovernedin the world!Itrunsa yearandCivipapocalypticworld VIPssurvived theWorld War3struttheir governmentsto becomeone governmentthatwill rule the world! The project isscheduled forplatformPC andmaybe othersbut it is stillearly to givemoredetailsfor the moment andstillin the planning stage. ( ITALIANO )

The Camagames creates a course to develop video games

Itiswellthose interested intheCamagamesis planningto take a courseto create video gamesforthePCwhodoes not even knowaH,Matthewcartswill handlethe course andteach you how tocreate gameswithout programming! It is animportant step forwardasthe onlycoursesare expensiveand only in Milanhave greatcitypermitinItaly, and with little they will geta futurejobin the Gaming sectorand if allgoes wellwill be donein BondenoFe.For more informationattachedbrochures!