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Preview of the first 3D RTS Camagames!

Let's talk abouttheStargate project, a3DRTSallthanksto ourgraphics engine.Definitely will not bethe latestbutbythe rightin the titlesthatare in the works, surely therewillchurn outone ortwo titlesthenchangeEngine.Yetto beannouncedthe official titleof the game andfor nowI have namedStargateOnline!From thepreviewswe see andcertainlyinterestingnot onlybecauseit will all beplayableonline andfree of charge asexplained long ago,but you canmanagethe tacticsof war,escape andtampering withthestargateI evenmake him jumpin the air, taking with himan entire planet!Manyinteractions willshiftthis meansthat if youoccupya planetin a solar systemyou can decidevariousactionssuch as attacksorsecret missions,this systemwill improve the managementof the opponentsattacksandtake actionif themilitaryhasthe capabilities.The systemseemsverystrange but theserverbuiltfor the momentallowcertain actionsin turn,being a betahopethat the communitysupportsthe projectstargatewe can affordto buildmore powerful serve…

All about Stargate Online (perhaps provisional name)

Here we are backto talk alittle 'StargateOnline(perhapsprovisionalname) because ittemporary?The project started withthe aim ofeventuallycreatinga video game basedon the entireStargateuniverse, whereall communitiesin the network andfansaround the world canexplore and conquerthe universe.The project issupported by allfans in the worldwho want tomakethe gamemorereal and reliablewith theStargateuniverse, thismakes the designflexible and customizableto the point thatanyone who wants tomake changescanbe done withoutproblems like?You cancontact the teamStargateOnline andrequest what youwant to change,this is becausethe projectwill come outinthe basic versionthen definitelygraphics andsome detailsmay be addedlater thanksyoufans!The gamewill be enoughand totally freeandimmediatelydownload it from theofficial website whereyouwill only ask forthe name andthe civilization thatyou want to use.Registrationwill be immediate!Maybe it willrequestthee-mail address ofrecord forrein case ofchanges to…

New Flash games coming soon!

TheCamagameshas continued todevelopinflashand will continueto do so,and on this occasionI will listwitha brief description ofthe new titlesin theflashsite!
Age ofPoop
Singularand embarrassingname fora flash game, butdo not let thatconvince you thatsomethingisoffensive oranother, Age ofPoopandan RTSwhere the microworldofbacteriaorwaterleftto take possession ofexcrementandwhichremained in thewaterto floatforever.You will have toface severaldifficultiesinsingleplayerstarting fromunderwaterhow to beatupthe primaryto evolvetoget to "the mainland" oron the piece ofpoopthat floatsand conquerandform coloniesbeating.The purpose andable to governall thepoopthatis!
Niceninjawho meets agirl who losther threecubs, his jobandgo andget themusingthe classicweapon oftheninjatiethe various obstaclesto climband swingbyovercomingspikes andother threats.The gameand aPlatformand itsphysicalwell donewemovebetween levelsas if we werespider-man, thegameplayerand onlyinsingleplayerandwill see …

Camagames prepares a community game of Stargate!

Over theyearstimefansalways triedtoholdthe last hopethat could keepthevividadventuresof Stargatesg1!Let's talk aboutStargate Worldswithgreat disappointmentthatwasdeletedlong ago!And the fanswerearranged withmegamodassociated withgreat titlesto coverthe immensevoidleft by thisdisappointment,andwithgreat joy that theCamagamesis preparing anonline gamebrowser game!Wherea singleRTSencompassthe entire universeStargate!The plan is forusersrecordFREE!Andthe game itselfwill be released forWindowsFREE!Theya nice shotof relieffor fanslike me.The gamewill evolvewithuserswill be able toexplorethe entiregalaxyinvadechoosemany factionsand civilizationsof Stargate!Nowin betatestingthe project promisesendlesshours of entertainmentandthe chance toascendtheircivilization!There is no limitfor this projectfully supportedby the fansto make itas perfect as possible, we'll talkmore about thisprojectthat for nowthe name andStargateOnline! ( ITALIANO )
Camagames prepara una community gam…