Visualizzazione dei post da Aprile, 2013

Here comes the app Camastore!

Finally theCamastorewillplayon Googlefor the launchof the first gameon Google!This wouldhaveconvenientlyat handall the productsin a singleCamagamesApp andbeing able to seeall the newsin real time!The appistotally free andwill not have topay anyannual fee,a perfectappstoreon ourAndroiddevices! ( ITALIANO )

Epy a version for Android?

Among themost famous titlessuch as TheEmpireof theHoleswhich landson Androidcomes anothertitlethat willcertainlydo its part! Epynowknown for some timewill have itsversionfor Android,the controller forEpybe a simpleTachscreento moveEpydragging your fingerin the desired direction. Andwith its dualtachwillspasareasin the Windows version! Changes inEpywill bereallysmallso smallthatit will onlycontrolEpyitselfto change,who knowswhowill not see himin other ways? Imaybegetting ready fora comeback witha sequelafter its launchin 2010?We will knowthe finevery soon! ( ITALIANO)

The empire of Holes for Android?

As brieflyannouncedlong agothe empireof theholeswill also beAndroidand maybe even amultiplayer! This would givemoreroom for thepossibility oftitlealso wellknownandknown of thisyear, but therewill be some news! Itisthe versionofAndroidwill havedifferent detailsthan theWindows version.Nothingsorevolutionaryrather it will bealmost identicalexcept for twoor threedetails thatwill reveallater, the projectin constant flux anddevelopmentwill give riseto a sagain one piece! TheAndroid technologyallows manyreally interesting thingsthat are worthto be able tohave themonan RTSthat you respectthisincredibleplatform. ( ITALIANO )

The empire of Holes anche per Android? Come brevemente annunciate tempo fa the empire of the holes sarà anche android e forse anche un multiplayer! Questo darebbe più possibilità di spazio al titolo orami noto e conosciuto di questo anno, ma ci saranno delle novità! E si la versione android avrà dei dettagli differenti rispetto alla versione Windows. Nulla di…