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Stargate On-line changes its name!

Wealready knewa bit 'of time andnowI canofficially, the projectprovidesonlineStargatechangesand majorimprovements.The first andmade​​his nameinthe projectfrom now onwill beknown asStargateDominiom!The patternof the gamewill beall based on2Dfor nowbut thanks to thecommunityforeveryone tocontribute tofuture versionsthatwill pushfor 3D!andincredible newsthanks to the3D enginein the pipeline thatis going toprepare a3D racing game, of courseI try to keeptheseinfo moreminimumpossiblegiven thatit will take timeto accomplisheverything.Since I'mbusy withtwo beautifulprojectsTheempire ofHolesandStargateDominiom!Abriefdelvebestnews andalsothe dates for thepre-alpha stageand ( ITALIANO )

Drumers confirmed for the singleplayer!

FinallyDrumersother newsabout the project,you've got mea beautifulandugly, butlet's startstep by step.Of coursethe newsbeautifuland that the titlewill have adedicatedsingleplayerofan entiregalaxy!Withvarious factionsfriendly and enemy,butyouwill runa storybased onwhatthe bad news?The bad newswasthatDrumersconfirmed formultiplayeror for theonline versionbut the gameasstructuredandwouldfall asleeporget boreda bit'playersbeinga strategicandhighlypreciseforged forhardcorestrategistson the detailsofthe game.Make it aversionOn-linewould bring thegametolosea bit'of his charismathenin the final versionof the titlethere will be noon-lineversion,at leastfor the time beingIwillDrumersa normal versionwithhistoryand missions.The results will betalking aboutafter the projecthereandresults will tellwhetheror notfans will wantan entire universeofallDrumersOn-line!We'll see! ( ITALIANO )

Will be called Infinity Infinity Imperium

We already knowfromInfinitytimeandItold him to bringnoveltyin this regardalong withInfinityStorieswell thenlet's startstep by step.InfinityStoriesyou knowthe beginningandat the FlashgameofInfinitybut forCopyrightissuesthe projectwill be calledfrom now on(InfinityImperium),andwhataboutthe toilet?Wellnothing seriousjustImperiumwill be a gamethat InfinityOn-linePC.Itisafter allwhat and whyandhow the gamewill absorb thegameplay andthe game systemOn-lineDrumersandwillcolonizeevery regionofinfinitevarietyandplanetsand solar systemsup to theachievementsof entiregalaxies.With the ability tocreate your ownalien racetoconquer the universe!Trulyrevolutionaryand amazing!Ithopes to takeunderconstructionInfinityImperiumearlyso as tobringin a networkthe Flash versionof the first chapter.Otherdetails aboutthewill releasevery soon! ( ITALIANO )