Visualizzazione dei post da Luglio, 2013

The license Abbrevia!

Shortens thefamous softwarewill allowlargeandold tomake2D and 3Dgameswithout programming,will be available intwo licenses. The first will befree! Itwill allowyou to use allthe potential ofAbbreviates, butyou can notsell theircreationsorpublish it in multipleplatforms.In fact,withthefree versionwillonly publishfor the Windows platform"for the moment", instead for the Pro versionofthe story changesa lot.He was alreadyhintinglong ago that thecurrentgraphics engine"camaengine 1.0"would be passedto an improvementthat will allow themto realize the3D, formerly known asyou know "camaengine 2.0"thatwill runwithOpenGL. The latterwill be introduced onagraphics engineupgrade is nottoo far from thecurrentPro versionnowButyou knewthis, what is nowandyou'll discoverthat youwill releasethe pro versionwithlicenseControl!This will allow userswho purchasethe productPronot onlycreatea future3D titlesbutyou can publish themtoWindowsandControl!Andsoon alsofor Android andot…

Small delay with the demo Control!

The Demo will not be too late for its release, but will have to wait his turn. Yes, because the two ongoing projects once completed will touch the legendary Control that will bring some interesting innovations. Including multiplayer revised and many other news! And in addition also ideas for 3D projects. trying to release it later this year, and now that time that you try to care public his saga!


Piccolo ritardo con la demo Control!
La Demo non sarà troppo in ritardo per la sua uscita, ma dovrà aspettare il suo turno. Si perche i due progetti in corso una volta ultimati toccherà al mitico Control che porterà delle novità interessanti. Tra cui il multiplayer rivisto e altre tante novità! E in oltre anche idee per progetti 3D. si cerca di rilasciarlo entro l’anno visto che ormai e tempo che si tenta di public care la sua saga!

Impulse race could have another official name!