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Here is revealed the details of STARGATE DOMINION!

TheCamagamesis striving hardto achieve hisfirst browsergames,and certainly notan easy thingandsawthat there are twoongoing projects.But surelywe will soon seethebeta test, but what changedandon its way? Certainlyhave changed somelittle things. The first is thatthe online multiplayerwasrevised and corrected, the battlesbetween civilizationswill bein styleRTSand no morestatic! Another treatandwhichplayers can earnpointsin the battlesandin the managementof his empire, including alsoexpanderand discoveries. Soyou can buyspecial power-upsand other things thatI'm not heretoreveal themall, but at least one or twoI can sayasthe opportunity to purchasegeneratorstonacquadamor modificationstothe stargate! Another noveltyandthat the managementof cities andplanets andalsothisunit will not bestaticas in the previousscreen shootsbutwill bein fullRTS style! TheinteligenteAIwill handlethe entire universewiththings to discover andstargateto manageall that thesagaofStargateStargateallows you to seeD…

OR Available on Google Play!


Official date for the launch of OR on android!

We announcewith great joythatwill soon beavailableon Google Playthe Android versionof the OR! The official dateandAugust 20! Alreadyfor this datewill be available forallthe mobile versionof the bigring.Theappwill costonly€ 2.50! andyou can tastethe differentworldsof this universeof light,as many as 10different worlds! "The PC version consists of 10worlds most5 special! Ofa total of 15to unlockallworlds! "And definitelya historic day! Butonly the beginning!