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Many of you could think that The Empire of the Holes could be the sequel of The Holes 2. On the other hand, as yet reaffirmed at the beginning of the project, it’s the rebot of The Holes, only with an enlarged version under the point of view of eras, technologies and moreover! This has to be clear not to create confusions between the titles, being this dedicated to the laptop’s world compared with The Holes. In fact this game is the advanced and better version of the first The Holes! With news that The Holes could never give as the multiplayer and its community! It’s a technology and platform turn of events to launch even more the Holes saga! But will we see in the future The Holes 3?

The empire of the holes non e holes 3!

Molti potevano pensare che the empire of the holes sia il sequel di Holes 2 in vece come poi e stato ribadito all’inizio del progetto, e il rebot di Holes solo in una versione allungata sotto l’aspetto di epoche, tecnologie e tantissimo altro! Questo …


We’re preparing a version for the famous social network Facebook! This version will be a crossbreed between The Holes 2 and the great Empire of the Holes, of which we’ll see the release in 2015. We’re yet deciding name and various missions that will be created on the portal and of course it won’t miss new technologies and increased battles! We want to underline INCREASED! In fact this title will also have a lot to handle with the technological improvement of the troops, especially the space age ones! From shields to lasers and moreover to enhance and increase!
Holes anche su facebook!
Si sta preparando una versione per il famoso social facebook! Questa versione sarà a cavallo tra Holes 2 e il grande the empire of the holes che ne vedremo la sua uscita nel 2015. Ancora si sta stabilendo nome e i vari mission che si potranno realizzare sul portale, non mancheranno di certo tecnologie nuove e battaglie migliorate! Sottolineiamo migliorate!! In fatti questo titolo avrà molt…


As announced before it’s come the beginning of the second chapter of the most bizarre and strange game, but the return of an old game always gifts happy moments. Especially if it’s bizarre as this one! The Holes 2 will take 4 news, which will enrich the absorbing match to the conquest of the entire mouth! But what will we see in this sequel? Let’s begin to analyze the news. First thing: we’ll have to develop technologies, which will take us through every of the three eras of the game. Second one: we’ll see the I. A. of the community increased. Third one: we’ll have the possibility to create diplomatic relationship with the communities. Fourth and last point: graphic and troops increased till the point to increase the management of your ranks! Incredible news awaits for us in The Holes 2 and soon we’ll release images and moreover about it! Le novità di Holes 2
Come è stato annunciato in precedenza e giunto l’alba del secondo capitolo del gioco più bizzarro e strambo ma i…

Returns Holes!

The mini game released so long ago caused a sensation in the course of time, as a particular idea and gameplay. Here comes his sequel with the news! The first and the improvement graphics, which saw the time and just takes a touch up too. The second and the three eras will be readjusted, and technologies in order to discover for technological advancement. But the empire of the holes? And come to give a bit 'of clarity, holes is the first title dedicated to caries based on all three epochs. The empire of the holes and the extended version of holes and revisited with many more times, technology, missions and more. So why do Holes 2? Redoing want to do a mini game in tribute to his predecessor doing a sequel that would incorporate the old footprints of the first Holes and adapting them to a more modern context. Surely we will see other titles dedicated to this universe, in the time between the release date for Holes 2 may be at the beginning of 2015, much before the release of the em…


We want to share with you a turn of events that makes us very happy! After some time of fights we’re now happy to announce that the title Infinity, taken out from Camagames since a long time, is now at your disposal! But what happened? We all know that it’s been years since the beginning of the work on this project. But it seems that, while we were working on it, other people (of whom we won’t give names or something) took our idea to do real products using in a similar way the title we pulled alongside our RTS project. Well now we’re proud to tell you that not only we’re taking it back to production, but also that its title will be now Infinity and with full control of our rights we can tell Infinity is OURS! But the project for Infinity Imperium? We know from the beginning that this was the alternative title to avoid problems. For this cause we announce that Infinity won’t be only the top of the time line of this story, but that we’ll work also on Infinity Imperium! So twotitlesjoin…