Visualizzazione dei post da Aprile, 2014


The new and latest version of OR has been released for Android; several improvements will allow players to play without bugs and other details. Adapted also the tutorial and the gameplay method improved, included the worlds saving, that now is inner compared with the other versions that exported the saving files of SD-cards. Now it’s more compact and comfortable thanks to these improvements and adjustments. The 2.0 version will be soon recognized also on Wii-U. in the meanwhile you could benefit of the new version directly on the Google Play store yet! We want to recall that OR turns on Android 2.2 or higher and is recommended on smartphones of 4 inches or higher, this for a better view of the worlds and play mode.

OR 2.0 rilasciato!
La nuova e ultima versione di OR e stata rilasciata per Android, le varie migliorie apportate permetteranno hai giocatori di poter giocare senza i vari bug e i dettagli. Adattato anche il tutorial e il metodo di gameplay migliorato, compr…


EPY, the little green creature lost in several worlds will have to find the exit  yet also on Android, the game version compatible with Android 2.2 and higher. It is suggested the use on tablet of 7inches or larger in order to have a good view on the model and fluidity of the game. Probable adjustment on smartphone of 5 inches and larger. More technical details about its adjustment will be released soon and meanwhile Epy is available on Google Play.

Epy versione per Android!
Epy la creaturina verde persa in vari mondi dovrà trovare l’uscita ora anche su Android, la versione del gioco e compatibile con Android 2.2 e superiori. Si consiglia l’utilizzo sui tablet da 7 pollici in su, per una buona visuale degli schemi e fluidità del gioco. Probabile adattamento sugli smartphone da 5 polici in su. Altri dettagli tecnici sul suo adattamento saranno a breve rilasciati, in tanto Epy e disponibile su Google Play.