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The historical RTS of Camagames together with the legendary Empire of Holes will see soon the beginning and one of the two will have soon a beta release! A so vast and full of variables project as the universe of the Holes and Infinity are very long and complicated to be totally realized. But finally we can see a turning point: Infinity has yet a beta version nearly playable, and this is valid also for The Holes! The release of the two very limited demo will have their birth probably near autumn; there are a lot of things to do yet, but we’re confident that the two RTS will soon se the light. And the full version? Don’t panic! Also the full version will be released nearly the release of the demo.

                 La saga di Infinity e Holes vedremo qualcosa a breve?

Il RTS storico della Camagames insieme al leggendario “The empire of the Holes” vedranno presto gli inizi e a breve uno dei due un rilascio di una beta! Un progetto tanto vasto e pieno di variabili come l’u…


The 1.0 version of the software that allows to create videogames only drawing will be dedicated only to children from the 6 to the 7 or higher age. It will be possible to download the game totally freely! This version will allow you to create on your tablet android games and children could do that only drowing, without learning any computing language. Thanks to its technology, Abbrevia is preparing itself to land on play store, the 1.0 will be free and we’re valuating a pro version 1.5 with fee that will allow you to save the games projected in a play list and to play them in every moment, thing that the 1.0 version doesn’t do. As you know Abbrevia is a project oriented towards every band of ages, in fact it will be realized a version more complicated than the 1.5 and that it will be playable only for 13 age children or higher. This version, today called Abbrevia 2D, will allow you to create videogames for the different platforms without sdk! Coming back to the 1.0 soon we will annou…


The presentation of Star Dominion “stargate dominion” has been a revelation, the project will soon have an official release and its destination is to release an open source game so as to allow fans to create mods for the game in the way they prefer. This will surely increase not only  the flexibility of the game, but also its range; the game will give a total experience while totally reflecting on the series. The vastness of things to do will be pomp and always bigger thanks to the future editor of single player missions!

Star Dominion “stargate dominion” destinazione open source!
La presentazione di Star Dominion è stata una rivoluzione il progetto avrà presto un rilascio ufficiale e la sua destinazione e rilasciare un gioco open source cosi i fan e non potranno moddare il gioco a loro piacimento! Verrà rilasciato un programmino per modificare il gioco, in modo da realizzare la propria mod. questo aumenterà di certo la flessibilità del gioco ma anche della sua portat…


2007: two videogames addicted guys decide to realize their first indie game. This experience was a revelation for them, so as to make their first step in the branch in 2008 and to take their first contacts with videogames companies. It was only the base of what it would happen then; in fact the two guys go different routes and one of them in 2009 decides to create and set up an independent team, which in 2010 takes the name of Camagames. In the following years the team had different develop opportunities and the creation of different indie and businesslike titles in a short time grows up, not only on the technological side and on the supported platforms, but also on the team components. Today we can say Camagames has reached excellent results and that the team has taken an only direction! Actually Camagames is mediating with Nintendo for future titles (AA) and (AAA) and obviously it’s a great emotion and honor for the entire staff to be able to publish on this important and historica…

saturday 10. May Star Dominion's debut!

the stargate universe has a title! and finally it is coming the day, saturday 10.May, in which we'll do our presentation of the most awaited RTS by stargate fans at the bologne Sviluppaparty. we're not giving more infos about it because we'll do it directly at the Sviluppaparty! everybody is invited and we look forward to chat with you and to show you the work-in-progress projects and those already published in the past.

          Sabato 10 maggio presentazione di Star Dominion!

L’universo di stargate intitolato! E finalmente sta per arrivare il giorno, sabato 10 maggio 2014 allo Sviluppaparty di Bologna faremo la nostra presentazione del RTS più atteso dai fan di stargate. Non sto ad accennare nulla al riguardo perché lo faremo direttamente allo Sviluppaparty! Quindi siete tutti invitati e non vediamo ora di scambiare due chiacchiere con voi e di mostrarvi i progetti in corso ho già pubblicati in passato.