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The first title for October?

We’re working on a mini-game for Android and maybe for other platforms; the game bases itself simply on physics. You’ll have to move the pile of garbage or junk to the trash can! Very particular as an idea, but interesting on the physic and ability side of make the junk reach to its goal, the trash can, without leaving anything behind. Using the accelerator of your smart-phone or tablet you could get crazy doing this simple path from point A to point B. With its various levels, it is supposed to be released in October.
Il primo titolo per ottobre?
Si sta lavorando ha un mini game per android e forse per altre piattaforme, il gioco si basa semplicemente sulla fisica. Si dovrà spostare il mucchio di pattume o rottami verso il bidone dell’immondizia! Assai particolare come idea ma interessante sul lato fisico e di abilità nel far raggiungere a destinazione il pattume senza lasciarsi dietro nulla! Usando l’accelerometro del vostro smartphone ho tablet potrete diventare mat…


Since long time we try to realize projects with our 3D engine, but during this period a lot of things happened, not only in the team itself, but also on 3D graphic and development. Now we have an engine that will allow us to realize games with a great graphic, but not competitive, anyway of the right quality to express and tell stories, world and much more. Let’s analyze together what has been changing from the beginning. After a long time we’ve created a test room with a not-our-creation engine.

This confined us a lot but we had in mind to modify it:  it couldn’t give us what we needed. Than we realized an engine of our own production. Finally it appeared the first results and from them we could prepare 3 projects as a beginning! It appeared still fixed on some points of view and on technology, so we modified it, even if it generated an enormous loss of time, bringing the publication of the 3 projects far away. Finally we finished the change and finally we had the result we wanted,…


Finally after a lot of development and resolved problems, it is ready the alpha version of The empire of the Holes! For who already knows it, we know how much expected and cherished it was! For who is not yet up-to-date, the game is an educational RTS (or a sort of) about the management and the evolution of the dental decay; oral hygiene is very important and this game puts to the wringer who tries to clean the mouth (but also who wants to ravage it with holes and purulent caries cities)! The alpha version will be soon released and it is yet in phase of soundtrack creation. Soon we’ll talk again about it and stay ready for the first Beta and the final release!

The Empire of the Holes version alpha!
Finalmente dopo tanto sviluppo e problematiche risolte. Ecco che è pronta la versione alpha di The empire of the Holes! Per chi lo conosce sappiamo quanto sia stato atteso e sopra tutto ricercato! Per chi e rimasto indietro il gioco e un RTS educativo o quasi sul la gestione …


We announce you that the Camagames’ Team has enlarged itself and that with the new entries we’ve restored our website for the reborn of the Camagames! 2014 is an exceptional year! Between contests and losses, delusions and depression, now the team has signed a fixed point in its story! For whom that follows us long since: you know that highs and lows brought to slowdowns on projects and especially to renounce at many things. Today we’re happy to announce its grew and innovation! To celebrate this very important year we’ve reviewed our website’s and logo’s graphic, adapting itself to what it better represent Camagames! Thank you all for the support and the devotion with which you follow us! But stay ready and alert because there’ll arrive lots of revolutionary and above all incredible news!
La rinascita della Camagames!
Vi annunciamo che il Team si è allargato e insieme alle new entry abbiamo rinnovato il sito per la rinascita della Camagames! Il 2014 è una anno eccezion…


The great hero painted by the ex-team M&V will have a return! Actually a total revision of the project and of its destination! The plot that we touched on is part of the first draft of what it will be the beginning of this hero. A platform aimed for PC and Android and soon we’ll publish details, sketches and more over about it! Meanwhile a new window on the women gamers with entire dedicated projects has been opened! Without any doubt this platform is at everyone’s size!

Popanta-Man una storia fantastica!!
Il grande eroe dipinto dal ex team M&V sta per dare un ritorno! Anzi una rivisitazione totale del progetto e la sua destinazione!. La trama che accenniamo fa parte della prima bozza di quello che sarà l’inizio di questo eroe. Un platform puntato su PC e Android, presto pubblicheremo dettagli bozze e tanto altro al riguardo! In tanto si è aperta una finestra nel mondo dei giocatori femminili con progetti interamente dedicati per loro! Senza dubbio questo platfo…


The final part of the beta is yet near and  we’re preparing ourselves already for the special RTS projects which, technologically speaking, will bring the technology used to create the open project of stargate to its knees. The special project that will be created and released will open a window on an infinity of adventures and connected stories even if they’re different stories. One of them is Infinity Imperium which, as an RTS, will give bases to many stories, among which there’s also Popanta-Man. These projects will take the player only to think having fun and exploring always more infinite universes.

Infinity Imperium il successore di Star Dominion !!
Si avvicina ormai la parte finale della beta e già ci si prepara per i progetti speciali RTS che tecnologicamente parlando metteranno a ginocchio la tecnologia usata per creare il progetto open di stargate. I progetti speciali che man mano verranno creati e rilasciati apriranno una finestra a una infinià di avventure…