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As we prepare to be a team


Holes 2 will have the recognition of the devices

Holesalwaysbringsnewsabout news,andthe last one thatfinallyI am proudto announcethatthe Android versionandcanrecognize the typeof deviceused to adaptthe game screen! Whatisa smartphoneI have atabletholes2will fitfor you! Holes 2will be the firstproject thatwill insertthis noveltywill use it infuture projectsof theteam.

The 3D engine of Stargate Dominion will be the same Infinity Imperium

What fans will see in the title game fans who are dedicated to worldwide stargate, it will be nothing compared to the potential that we will push for a maximum of Infinity! Why use the same engine? I am and we are working together has recently Infinity and although the project made it to 90% by the end up as the only remaining team. (It is clear even if the project and the base of the universe where Camagames is based on the secret of the impression, will not be a project for now as the official launch of the team! After announcing the launch of the project team) then what engine of Infinity allow you to make the fan rts game of the series? I know it's a long wait, and that fans who can not wait now to be able to have a playful angle video series that will never die, the base will be able to enter as you already know their 3D models of the most famous ships in the series. Share and conquer the domains of other players online. Why such a long wait if they are users improve and shar…