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as for its predecessor, The Holes will show all The three eras with The only difference that they've been reviwed, not only in the graphic, but also in the gameplay, as yet announced some time ago. What do we have to expect from this totally new gameplay? The game will be intuitive and totally easy to understand and in managing your own caries empire. Holes will be an incredibly original and at The same time brilliant IP! The Holes will gift you a lot of things. Soon we'll make a write-up with all The details and minimal requisite.

The last title?

Here's finally coming The moment to announce The news and epical changes. The first great new, as You could see, is that i'll announce soon The release date of The Holes! But this isn't the end! I and the team are evaluating a great future and end for the title behind The Holes. Soon we'll talk about this better. Meanwhile i want to confirm that The Holes will be available for desktop on Windows systems. I will soon release The date for The Android mobile version because it's too heavy for this platform.

arrival of the new Popanta Man

With the arrival of the new Holes, the Team Camagames will begin to work on the very awaited platform of Popanta Man! We can't still say anything, but one thing's for sure: moreover the renewed and revisited graphic, Popanta Man has finally found its format! In the next few time we could talk about it better and with more details, but in the meanwhile we're coming to the day in which I'll release the last title and finally get to the Team Staff's topic.