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Infinity Imperium: the birth of the star systems


Stargate Dominion incoming on Android!

Well, yes! We are more than happy to announce you the development of a mobile version (at the moment only for Android) of Stargate Dominion, the game that we all (included us)are waiting for! This new version, now in beta, will have 95 or more star systems across the galaxy, each of which will contain 5 or more planets, all freely explorable. Let’s talk about the factions you can play with: there will be the famous Tau’ri, us, the fearsome Goa’uld, the tireless Wraith, the technological Asgard, the fanatical Ori and the cold, emotionless Replicant (the ones from SG-1). Are you ready to fight for galactic supremacy? Stay tuned for further upgrades The Camagames Team Stargate Dominion in arrivo su Android!