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Infinity Imperium su Kickstarter!

The Camagames Team want to announce you that our flagship project, Infinity Imperium,
is now on Kickstarter.
We need you in order to complete this masterpiece! We all are waiting eagerly for this
from months by now!
If you want to pledge, we will be very grateful!
At the bottom of the news, you'll find the direct link to the project, where exclusives
screenshots await you with all the necessary info about Infinity.
Stay tuned for further upgrades
The Camagames Team Infinity Imperium su Kickstarter!
Il Team Camagames desidera annunciare che Infinity Imperium, nostro progetto di punta,
è sbarcato su Kickstarter.
Abbiamo bisogno di voi per poter realizzare quel capolavoro che tutti noi attendiamo con
ansia da mesi ormai!
Se volete contribuire alla sua realizzazione, ve ne saremo molti grati!
A fondo pagina troverete il link diretto al progetto, dove assieme alle informazioni
necessarie, ci saranno anche degli screenshot…

Infinity Imperium: updates from the Space Station!


Infinity Imperium: the AI awakens

AI are slowly awakening from their long dream and this is not a good thing for you!
As we have already announced, AI development is currently underway and they will behave and
react in realistic ways: it’s means that AI, just like you, will depend on limited resources and
based on this they will take action.
In short, they will not be able to cheat!
But don’t fool yourselves! We can assure you that from a certain point, the challenge will be much
more harsh, with AI assaulting almost without a break…
Do you remember GLaDOS, Lore, HAL 9000 and Skynet, don’t you? It’s just a taste of what awaits
Stay tuned for further updates
The Camagames Team Infinity Imperium: il risveglio delle IA
Le IA si stanno lentamente risvegliando dal loro lungo sonno e questo per voi non è un bene!
Come già avevamo annunciato, lo sviluppo delle IA è in corso e che avranno comportamenti e
reazioni realistici: questo vuol dire che le IA, esattamente come voi, dipenderanno dalle risorse a
disposizione ed …

Infinity Imperium: multi language videogame and various updates

Welcome to our usual appointment!
Today we will tell you about some new updates on the development of Infinity Imperium:
1- As many of you will already know, the game will be released in Italian and English: the
news is that a new language will be added! We are sure that native Spanish will be
2- In the past weeks, the developing of the enemy AI has begun and we can assure you that
they will react realistically to every circumstance.
3- Obviously we don’t have forgotten the development of the gameplay: right now is in
developing simultaneously with the AI.
Stay tuned for further updates
The Camagames Team Infinity Imperium: gioco multilingua e aggiornamenti vari
Benvenuti al nostro ormai consueto appuntamento!
Oggi vi daremo alcuni nuovi aggiornamenti sullo sviluppo di Infinity Imperium:
1- Come molti già sapranno, il gioco sarà multilingua (Italiano ed Inglese): quello che non
sapete è che si aggiungerà una nuova lingua alle due già presenti! Siamo sicuri che i

Infinity Imperium: the reveal of the five races!

You’ve waited for a long time this moment and now the time has come!
We are proud to present you in first preview names and features of the 5 races you can control in
this new universe!
1- Let’s start with the Ar’hakés: they are the most aggressive and pugnacious civilization of
the entire game and few are able to withstand their military force. Their attack fleet have
no rivals in the universe for strength and swiftness. They consider every form of
diplomacy a show of weakness and an insult to their warrior honour.
2- The Camouth are the most subtle and treacherous of the universe: you must always keep
an eye on them! They have the best intelligence of the entire galaxy and spies infiltrated
everywhere resulting in being informed of every possible news before everyone else.
3- Nothing is scariest than see the Wolfren pack when it’s about to strike your colonies! This
xenophobic, narrow-minded civilization refuse almost every contact with the rest of the
universe making them apparently weak when …

Infinity Imperium: good news about the game design

Obviously, the first news of the new year couldn’t be anything but related to the developing of our
new first IP!
We are happy to announce you the beginning of the game design: every aspect of the game, from
star systems to planetary buildings, will be improved with all new, engaging textures (Full HD
textures, obviously!) reflecting the race advancement throughout the time.
The star systems, besides of the new textures, will be enriched with new elements: for the
moment we’re not going to tell you what they are, but in short time we will release some
screenshots in first preview!
The release of Infinity Imperium is closer than ever by now! Are you ready to lose yourself into
this endless universe?
Stay tuned for further updates
The Camagames Team Infinity Imperium: buone nuove sul game design Ovviamente la prima notizia del nuovo anno non poteva che essere legata allo sviluppo della
nostra prima IP!
Siamo lieti di annunciarvi l’inizio dello sviluppo del game design: ogni aspetto de…