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The After Infinity Imperium Official Projects List

Hi everyone!
We haven’t showed up with our usual news the past week and for this, we want to apologize with
you all: it’s a really busy and full of tasks period related obviously to our project!
Before revealing you the official projects list, we want to reassure you that Infinity Imperium is
our top priority.
The project is now in advanced beta and we expect the game to be ready for May 2016. Once we will release Infinity Imperium, there will be two main projects for the rest of the year:
1- The first one will be Abbrevia, a tool for the creation of videogames extremely easy to use,
even if you don’t know anything about programming.
2- The second one will be an RTS version of Holes: it won’t be the classic RTS with a typical
location. You’ll definitely love it!
There will be even a few minor projects, but we will be totally focused on this two.
We want to thank you for all your support.
Stay tuned for further updates
The Camagames Team Calendario Progetti Ufficiale Post Infinity I…

Project Holes

Holes: a name that isn’t new to the ones who are following us from a time but we haven’t heard it
recently because of Infinity Imperium.
So now, to fix that, we are here to announce the next project: Holes!
Holes will be released in two version:
The mobile version of the game, that will be released for Android and Windows Phone, will be
We will release also a Facebook version that will be multiplayer only.
What do you think about it? Please, leave a comment on our Social!
Stay tuned for further updates
The Camagames Team Progetto Holes
Holes: un nome che non è nuovo a chi ci segue da tempo, ma che in questo periodo non si
sentiva spesso a causa di Infinity Imperium.
Allora, per rimediare, eccoci qui ad annunciare che il prossimo progetto in lista sarà Holes!
Holes uscirà in due versioni:
1- La versione mobile del gioco, che uscirà per Android e Windows Phone, sarà totalmente
single player.
2- Rilasceremo anche una versione per Facebook che, al contrario della controparte …

Infinity Imperium: brief updates from the Nerd Hall

Hi everyone,
Today the news will be only a small updates about the development progression:
1- Multilanguage system has been implemented inside the game code
2- The advanced gameplay development for all the races has begun
As you may notice, we have plenty to do!
Stay tuned for further updates,
The Camagames Team Infinity Imperium: breve aggiornamento dalla Sala Nerd
Salve a tutti,
oggi un breve aggiornamento sullo stato della programmazione:
1- Il multilingua è stato implementato all’interno del gioco
2- E’ iniziato lo sviluppo avanzato del gameplay per tutte le razze del gioco
Come potete notare, non stiamo certa mente con le mani in mano!
Restate sintonizzati per ulteriori aggiornamenti,
Il Team Camagames

Infinity Imperium: interstellar diplomacy

Hi everyone!
As you will probably know at this point, Infinity Imperium is a space RTS who take place in a
galaxy similar to ours where five races will compete for galactic dominion.
This wouldn’t be a worthy RTS if there wasn’t the diplomacy management!
We want to warn you about a very important aspect: in the game there will be a continual state of
war, everyone against everyone without a single chance to negotiate a durable peace or an
alliance between the factions.
The only thing you could do is negotiate a brief truce with other races but it will cost a lot and if
you will refuse the negotiation term…let’s say you have to be ready in that case!
Remember this: in every single moment you will be attacked and making a deal with everyone will
not be possible!
Do you feel ready to survive, or at least to try?
Stay tuned for further updates
The Camagames Team Infinity Imperium: diplomazia interstellare
Salve a tutti!
Come probabilmente saprete ormai, Infinity Imperium è un RTS che si …

Infinity Imperium and Mods

Since a long time, Infinity Imperium is the main subject of our regular updates and even today it
will be!
We are happy to announce you that Infinity Imperium will support official mods created by the
Team, in addition to various DLC!
We have already think about a particular mod downloadable from a specific menu: we are sure
everyone will love it!
We are not going to reveal anything else!
Stay tuned for further updates
The Camagames Team Infinity Imperium e Mods
Ormai da tempo Infinity Imperium è l’argomento principale dei nostri aggiornamenti ed anche
oggi lo sarà!
Siamo lieti di annunciarvi che Infinity Imperium supporterà ufficialmente mods create dal team,
oltre ai vari DLC!
Abbiamo già in mente una mod che sarà scaricabile da un apposito menù: siamo sicuri che tutti
ne sarete molto felici!
Non vi sveleremo più nulla per oggi!
Restate sintonizzati per ulteriori aggiornamenti
Il Team Camagames