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Infinity Imperium: distortions and temporal paradox

Hi everyone,
As many of you will already know, we analysed the possibility to introduce time travel in Infinity
Imperium: the thing you don’t know is that the ENTIRE project is based on time travels!
Each player will have the chance to do whatever he wants, travelling back in time but carefulness
is necessary: manipulate the timeline without thinking about the consequences is very
Infinity Imperium is the only RTS that allow a continuum manipulation so flexible and funny!
We almost finished the development of the game and we are eager to start the testing session of
the project!
The entire game has made a lot of big progresses compared to what we saw some time ago, but
we will discuss this matter the next time…
Stay tuned for further updates
The Camagames Team Infinity Imperium: distorsioni e paradossi temporali
Salve a tutti,
Come molti di voi già sapranno, abbiamo analizzato in passato la possibilità di viaggi nel tempo
in Infinity Imperium: quello che non vi abbiamo det…

Infinity Imperium: ready for everything!

Hi everyone,
We haven’t been in touch for a while but now the time has come to update you about the latest
We are closer than ever to the official release of our title and soon you will have the chance to
play with it!
As you already know, this project is only the beginning of an entire mysterious universe with
plenty of related storylines linked all together in ways difficult to imagine!
We are sure that you recall the latest screenshots we posted the last year to give you a taste of
the project: well, forget about them!
The game now has a totally new graphic and lots of gameplay improvements: soon we will let
you see how and how much this project has evolved, but this is not the day!
But it’s not over: you will remember the announced projects post Infinity (Abbrevia and Holes) but
since now, we haven’t announce yet that Infinity Imperium will be able to manage future mods
and DLC (free or not): in this DLC the universe will be expanded and new stories will be counted,
stories strongly…

Details on Infinity Imperium (I.I)

Here we are again with some news about our advanced project!
The gameplay will travel around 1370 years of history and it will be plenty of targets to achieve, secondary quests, exploration of the galaxy and time-travelling (which are the foundation of our game's story). Obviously there will be secrets to reveal, in which there will be artifacts that will be situated on planets.

Dettagli su I.I ( Infinity Imperium )
Eccoci ancora con delle novità sul nostro progetto di punta! Il gameplay percorrerà 1370 anni di storia, e sarà ricco di obbiettivi da raggiungere. Missioni secondarie, esplorazione della galassia e in fine i viaggi nel tempo. Che sono la basa della storia del gioco. Non mancheranno anche i segreti da scoprire, tra cui i manufatti che si trovano su alcuni

Secrets and mysteries of Infinity Imperium

Hi everyone,
As we all know at this point, every single planet in the galaxy will be explorable but there is one
thing you don’t know yet: there will be mysterious artifacts on the surface of some planets.
What they are, who left them and what is their purpose will remain a mystery forever: we will
never unveil this secret!
Feel free to speculate about it!
Stay tuned for further updates
The Camagames Team Segreti e misteri di Infinity Imperium
Salve a tutti,
come tutti sappiamo, in Infinity Imperium si potrà esplorare ogni pianeta nella galassia di gioco
ma ciò che non sapete è che ci saranno dei misteriosi manufatti presenti su alcuni pianeti.
Cosa siano, a cosa servono e chi li ha lasciati sono domande a cui non verrà mai data una
risposta: questo sarà il mistero più grande dell’intera serie!
Sentitevi liberi di speculare, ovviamente!
Restate sintonizzati per ulteriori aggiornamenti
Il Team Camagames