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Overview of Infinity Imperium

Hi everyone! It’s time to do an overview of the entire “Infinity Imperium” project! Let’s begin with the background history: When the universe began, a new race came into existence, the Infinitians, a race of unbelievable intelligence and stature who exist simultaneously without any sort of variance in every parallel universe. For decades, they explored every corner of the galaxy: in the end, after some time, they created five intelligent races who they implanted on many planet across the galaxy and then they left, continuing their roam into endless expanse. Over millennia, this new races evolved and began their expansion in the universe, colonizing new worlds and founding empires bigger and bigger. Every race worshipped the Infinitians as Gods, always seeking their consideration, but even in the sporadic circumstances of their passage through a star system with their enormous spaceship, the Infinitians simply ignored the race, persisting in their own way. For thousands of years, everything in the …

Infinity Imperium: a closer look to the planets

Hi everyone!
First of all, we want to thank you for all your positive feedbacks : this is for us a beacon, pointing
us in the right direction!
Today we want to show you more in details the planets and their new management.
When you enter a star system, you colonized planets will be marked by the symbol of your
civilization: to enter into your planet, double-click it.
Once the screen is loaded, you will see in the right top corner the available resources on this
planet while in the opposite corner the game time and the symbol of the galaxy: you will use it to
return to the star system.
It won’t be an RTS without having the possibility to build your colony and create units for your
Just below the resources counter there will be an icon who will open a drop-down menu with all
the buildings you can create, if you have enough resources!
From the other side of the screen there will be another icon opening another drop-down menu
with all the starships you can create, if you already have the barrack!

Infinity Imperium: long live to the 3D!

Hi everyone! Most of you will surely remember the first screenshots we posted month ago. Well, forget about them! We are more than proud to announce you that Infinity Imperium will be a total 3D RTS with Full HD textures! This renew eye-catching graphic took us a long time to be completed but now we are very satisfied with the result and to let you enjoy this event too we will released the new screenshots in first preview. The difference in tangible: explorable solar systems, new particles effects, new fleets management, a more intuitive HUD, new special effects and more realistic battles! Do not forget about the core of the gameplay, the time travel! It will be available since the very first hours of the game and we can assure you will spend a lot of time trying to manipulate successfully the timeline to become the ruler of the galaxy! We are eager to let you play our game! We are in Beta stage right now and it’s getting very close the time of the release: stay tuned and you will know when the gam…