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Infinity Imperium: OST finally ready!

Hi everyone! We are proud and happy to announce to you all that the OST is finally ready! We want to announce that OST has been already included in the game, now in Beta phase! Finding the right sounds and adapt them to our project wasn’t easy at all but the result repaid our efforts: now it’s possible to loosing yourselves in this new universe, appreciating the incredible background and the epicness! For the first ever, we announce now the topic of the next news: Mods and DLCs. Stay tuned for further updates The Camagames Team
Infinity Imperium: OST pronta!
Salve a tutti! Siamo lieti ed orgogliosi di annunciare a tutti voi che la OST è finalmente pronta! Vi annunciamo inoltre che è già stata inserita nel gioco, ora in fase Beta! Trovare la giusta sonorità e adattare il tutto a questo progetto non è stato semplice ma il risultato ha ripagato lo sforzo: ora vi riuscirete ad immergere meglio in questo nuovo universo, apprezzando l’epicità di questa incredibile storia! Per la prima volt…

Infinity Imperium: battle visual improvement

Hi everyone! In this news, we want to talk about the new battle structure: until now, the enemy units were loaded after the attack signal and a new window opened where you could see the battle or the planet/star system defence in real time. Now this is no more! Everything will be on the same window to make everything a lot more fascinating. Stay tuned for further updates The Camagames Team
Infinity Imperium: miglioramento alla visuale battaglie

Salve a tutti!
In questo post vogliamo parlarvi della nuova struttura delle battaglie: prima le unità nemiche
venivano caricate dopo il segnale di attacco e una nuova finestra si apriva dove poter vedere in
tempo reale la battaglie o la difesa del pianeta/sistema solare.
Ora questo non esiste più e tutto verrà gestito su un unico piano per rendere il tutto più
Restate sintonizzati per ulteriori aggiornamenti
Il Team Camagames

Infinity Imperium: extra details on Multiplayer

Some time ago we talked about a possible Multiplayer version of project, now we want to give some more details. We are still considering whether it will be a DLC I have a Mod because of various phases of the project, some players will create their empire from scratch! Then collide with other players, will still be available from the portal that we will create in the game. Players will be able to explore and colonize well 5/6 galaxies, this number by now is provisional because we're calculating fluid requirements in order to make the project without Lag. It will be all in real time and then if a player decides to quit a game his empire will stop (as if it went on break) that does not make him immune from attacks or conquests. Defenses and drives created will still be active and always will defend planets or colonized systems, but will not do anything else, just like the growth of resources will pause. Multiplayer games will be limited until a player has blown away all empires in ga…

Infinity Imperium: a closer look to fleet management and colonies

Hi everyone!
Today we want to focus on how will be fleet and colony management.
During the campaign, the player will be extremely busy in achieving objectives, completing
missions, managing diplomacy and fighting.
The fleets will be automated, so there will be no need to control them manually: as soon as you
create them, they will begin to patrol the planet and when the enemy will approach your position,
they will attack automatically.
It will be possible to manage manually the fleet (even if will not be necessary).
Even colony creation will be simplified: you will only need on which planet establish your colony
and it’s done!
Just remember: if the creation is fast for you, will be fast even for the AI, so do your best to
protect yourselves!
Stay tuned for further updates
The Camagames Team

Infinity Imperium: gestione flotte e colonie in dettaglio
Salve a tutti!
Oggi vogliamo concentrarci su un dettaglio già accennato in passato, la gestione flotte e colonie.
Durante la campagna, il g…