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Camagames: year 1

Hi everyone!
It’s September! This is the time to do an overview of our projects that our Team developed in this
last year.
Our journey began one year ago when we officially started the development of our new IP Infinity
Imperium, an amazing project because it’s the first galactic wide RTS where history can change
drastically due to time travel!
We will soon tell you the release date!
It’s really exciting writing this lines after an entire year of hard work developing Infinity Imperium
and other minor projects: development requires time but the results we’ll reward your patience,
we are sure of it!
Our flagship project is important, not only because is the first we are realizing with the new Team,
but also for a great amount of “yet to be realized” projects, all linked and intersected to Infinity
Just think about the multiplayer DLC: it will allow the player to create his own race, populating
this enormous universe.
But the news aren’t over yet! In these future projects (including graphic n…

Infinity Imperium: new screenshots from outer space!

Hi everyone,
Here we are with new incredible screenshots from our project!
You can see a Zah’ad colony (green aura) being attacked fiercely by the Camouth (yellow aura)!
An important tip for you: if you have enough resources, you can create military units to protect
your dominion even if you are under attack.
More colonies mean more resources and so, more chance of survival…
Stay tuned for further updates,
The Camagames Team Infinity Imperium: Nuove immagini dallo spazio!
Salve a tutti,
eccoci con nuove incredibili immagini del nostro progetto!
Qui vediamo che è in corso una attacco ad una nostra colonia, che in questo caso appartiene alla
razza Zah’ad (distinguibile grazie alla loro aurea verde) e dove le flotte difendono la colonia dal
feroce attacco da parte dei Camouth (distinguibili grazie alla loro aurea gialla)!
Una nota importante: durante un qualsiasi attacco, a patto di avere le risorse necessarie, sarà
possibile continuare la produzione di unità militari per difendere la …

Infinity Imperium: time travel and temporal war

Hi everyone!
We have already debated this topic in other news but it’s time to take stock of the situation.
As you will surely know, every player will be able to travel back in time every time he wants since
this is the core of the game.
But why you should travel back in time?
When you will begin your new adventure, you will be very busy with the management and for that
there is an innovation: you won’t need to remember to save the game because the system will
save everything you do in every moment of the game, so you can focus on the gameplay!
So, if the Continuum save everything, changing the future will be pretty easy: you just need to go
back in time!
But remember this: you can ONLY travel back in time, NEVER forward!
Infinity Imperium is based on a time travel theory: when you travel back in time, an alternative
timeline will be created, totally severed from the original one.
This will allow the player to be nearly a god and anything he desires to the galaxy!
But dont’ make the mistake to …

Infinity Imperium: Mods and DLC

Hi everyone!
For some time now we talked about it in a mysterious way: well, now it’s time to unveil the
mystery! Like we already announced some time ago, we want to develop the multiplayer component for the game but you didn’t know how this component will be released: we are happy to announce that this will be our first DLC!
But now, let’s talk about Mod, the most interesting part of this news: we are extremely happy to
announce to you all that our first mod will turn our project upside-down, creating a game inside
the game itself! What is it? A STARGATE multiplayer version for the game!
Yes, you heard it right! A mod where you will have the chance to choose one the five civilizations
seen in the famous TV Series Stargate SG-1 to challenge other player for the control of the
galaxies! This mod and the DLC will be developed after the release of I.I. but do not worry: more new addition are awaiting us!
Stay tune for further updates,
The Camagames Team Infinity Imperium: Mod e DLC