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Infinity Imperium: Hyperdrive? Nah! Wormhole!

Hi everyone! How will you move the fleet from one place to another in Infinity Imperium? Hyperdrive? Absolutely no! Since you and the other civs will be extremely advanced, technologically speaking, you will be able to create artificial wormholes, allowing the instant transfer in any point of the galaxy! You could explore or conquer star systems light years away from home in a heartbeat! Obviously, this technology will not be free nor easy to research, but the benefits will be undeniable! Just remember to create commercial lines between your colonies to speed up resources gathering and this and many others techs will be a lot easier and faster to obtain! We remind to you about out project posted on Steam Greenlight: your votes are wanting! Link: Stay tuned for further updates The Camagames Team Infinity Imperium: Hyperdrive? No! Wormhole!
Salve a tutti! Come sposterete le flotte da un luogo ad un altro? Hyperdrive? Assol…

Infinity Imperium: technology level

Hi everyone! Do you remember what we say about the A.I. of Infinity Imperium? It will do everything in its power to stop you and, eventually, annihilate you. Will you have a chance of counterattack the enemy? Absolutely yes! Technology levels on rescue! These will help the player oppose the furious and relentless attacks of the A.I. towards your colonies. Let’s see in details these levels and their usefulness. There are three technology levels: Shields (DEFENSE), weaponry (ATTACK) and the technology level (RESEARCH). As usual, the more you raise the levels, the faster you will become powerful! Do you raise the weaponry level? The enemy will take more damage during fight! Do you raise shield level? You will endure more under enemy fire! The same principle applies for the technology level but, instead of giving you a military tactical advantage, it will allow the construction of special buildings and weaponry, such as the Stellar Destroyer, capable of destroying every single planet inside a star syst…

Infinity Imperium on Steam Greenlight

It’s official! The voting collection for our epic project has begun! For where we are right now, we must thank you for your support and for your always-appreciated comments and opinions. So, let’s go voting our project in order to be published on Steam when ready! Praise be to the Infinitians! The Camagames Team

Infinity Imperium su Steam Greenlight

Finalmente è ufficiale!
E’ iniziata la raccolta voti per il nostro epico progetto!
Per essere arrivati a questo punto, dobbiamo ringraziare soltanto voi per il vostro sostegno e per i
vostri sempre apprezzati commenti ed opinioni.
Quindi ora andate tutti a votare il nostro progetto in modo che quando uscirà sia pubblicato
anche su Steam!
Sia lode agli infinitiani!
Il Team Camagames

Infinity Imperium: gameplay and trailer

Hi everyone! It is with great honour and joy that we announce you that the long lasted day has finally come! Today we present to you the first gameplay of Infinity Imperium! However, as you will surely noticed from the title, today we also announce the release of the first trailer! Where can you find them? On Steam Greenlight! From this evening, our project landed officially on Steam and all of you can help us voting positively our little RTS project. What are you waiting for? Go on: and vote! Stay tuned for further updates,
The Camagames Team Infinity Imperium: trailer e gameplay
Salve a tutti! E’ con grande onore e gioia che vi annunciamo che è arrivato il giorno tanto atteso da tutti voi! Oggi vi presentiamo il primo video gameplay di Infinity Imperium! Ma, come avrete sicuramente notato dal titolo, oggi vi annunciamo che oltre al gameplay, verrà rilasciato anche il trailer! Dove potete trovarli? Su Steam Greenligh…