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Abbrevia and Control in minigames?

Hi everyone,
Abbrevia and Control were always in our minds to realize minigames with simple and powerful
technologies in order to enrich always more the fun in our future projects.
Even if we gave very few news about them, it doesn’t mean they are abandoned!
Their development is advanced and soon we will show them in their new clothes: if you don’t
remember what Control is, it’s a simple software that use a common webcam as movement
sensor to interact with videogames just using your gestures!
It’s a promise; soon we will be back on this topic.
Stay tuned for further updates,
The Camagames Team Abbrevia e Control nei minigames?
Salve a tutti,
Abbrevia e Control sono sempre state nei pensieri del Team al fine di realizzare minigames
utilizzando tecnologie semplici e potenti per arricchire sempre di più il divertimento dei nostri
futuri progetti.
Anche se abbiamo dato poche notizie su queste due tecnologie, non sono affatto morte!
Il loro sviluppo è avanzato e presto verranno mostrate n…

Development of Abbrevia

Hi everyone! If you follow us for a time, you’ll surely know what’s we’re talking about: for the new ones, we’re going to make a brief summary. Abbrevia is a software designed to realize videogames without having a programming knowledge, simply using an intuitive visual scripting interface that allow creating videogames for everyone. We’ve done many tests to make the program exploitable: now, the software will allow the programming of 2D videogames only for Windows desktop. However, the future of Abbrevia is multiplatform and a basic 3D based on DirectX 9.0. The first version we will release will be only 2D, in order to focus on developing every potential of the program and , later, developing 3D. Important annotation: Abbrevia was developed not to compete with more famous and common Engines, but to allow adults and children to develop their ideas with minimal resources and tested technologies. It will not be a powerful tool for developing AAA videogames, but a tool to put in contact this big and wo…

Early planning of Infinity Imperium minigames!

Hi everyone, It’s with great delight that we announce you the early planning of one of the first minigame related to Infinity Imperium! What’s await us behind the corner? Platform, RTS, RPG, Puzzle and more! Very soon, we will release another news about Infinity Imperium! Remember our project on Steam Greenlight: it’s waiting for your votes! Stay tuned for further updates The Camagames Team Inizio progettazione per i mini game di Infinity Imperium!
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Infinity Imperium: first graphic novel under development

Hi everyone! Some time ago we mentioned something about the realization of graphic novels related to the Camagames Universe: we are happy to announce the development of the first and most important graphic novel! Its name will be Future and will tell the story of our loved planet in a distant future. But mankind will not be the only subject: it will often focus on the Infinitians and on many mysteries and plot useful to understand better the background of the universe! But how Infinitians and Humanity are related? You’ll discover by reading the novel! We remind that our project is currently on Steam Greenlight awaiting for your votes! Stay tuned for further updates The Camagames Team Infinity Imperium: primo fumetto in elaborazione!
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