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Camashop & Universe

Hello to all, while we look forward to the official announcement of the Infinity Imperium release date, you will be happy to know that besides some titles that will be remastered to fit them into the universe of Infinity Imperium. We will put in our new Camashop app the chronology of the I.I universe with explanations and links, so you will not miss anything. The chronology will have a new graphic design and will allow you to know everything, or almost because your history will be updated every time a title goes out. So to be up-to-date on every link, what Team Team we have already fully developed with all the projects you still do not know, and that you will soon be able to know. Stay tuned because the novelties do not end here Salve a tutti mentre aspettiamo con gioia l’annuncio ufficiale della data di pubblicazione di Infinity Imperium, sarete felici di sapere che oltre ad alcuni titoli che verranno rimasterizzati per adattarli all’universo di Infinity Imperium. Met…

Camagames: Year 2 & Camagames Studio: Year 1

Hi everyone! It’s now the time to make a full report about what happened during this year and what will happen before the end of this year. As you will already know, we released the Demo of Infinity Imperium in July and soon we will release the complete game on Steam! The time of Camagames is over, but the epic adventure of Camagames Studio has just begun! Thanks to our projects like OR, Holes and Infinity Imperium we created our little Software House and soon we will become a Publisher: all the games mentioned above will be released before the end of this year! There is another important news we want to share with you: after carefully evaluating every aspect, we decided to use a new graphic engine for the future projects. At the end of the news, you’ll see some example of what this new engine is capable of, a big step ahead compared to the old one! The graphic of our upcoming projects will be compatible with every single device, either mobile or not, exploiting every single crumble of power from t…

Here it comes Camashop!

Hi everyone! Today we want to talk about a great news: we’re sure our fans will like it! Camashop is a new free app downloadable from our official website for both Windows and Android. However, what is its purpose? As all of you will have guessed from its name, is our new e-shop, where you will find our products, both free and payment ones but at an inferior cost compared to every other e-shop. Our purpose, however, is not to launch a new vending platform, but our primary focus is the community: thanks to this app, you will have every news about developing projects, app updates, DLC and mods release and a conceptual map with every history connection of the Camagames Universe just a tap away! There will be even a forum, where everyone could report bugs, having info or trivia about our projects or technical support. As you will have understood by now, this app was designed to bring together all the fans who follow us and that are eager to know always more about our universe. There is one last news for…

Infinity Imperium: how’s going?

Hi everyone! We know, we know: come back home from vacations is always a traumatic occasion and for this, we hope you really enjoyed yours! Now that this break time is over, we can finally tell you the latest news about our flagship project: Infinity Imperium. First of all, we want to thank you for the countless positive feedback you gave for the Demo! In case you didn’t have the time to play it, you can still download it from our web site. Right now, inside your head, a question just popped out: when will I be able to play at the complete version of the game? We have not an official release date yet but you will be surely happy to know that before the end of this year, the game will be released! Stay tuned for further updates because news aren’t over yet! The Camagames Studio

Infinity Imperium: come procede?
Salve a tutti! Sappiamo che il ritorno dalle vacanze è sempre traumatico e per questo speriamo che siano state ottime! Ora che anche questo periodo di pausa è terminato, possiamo…