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After Day the game of survival

Hello everyone! So long ago we have presented one of the projects in development, and that is over and over! In Aftere Day will be released in early December, and will be available on several platforms and Store. This game is based on survival after a tsunami in a city, you will have to look for food to survive and useful items that will help survival and exploration. The game is very wide and will allow you to explore each corner, there will also be day and night cycle and the chance to explore houses and palaces. The goal is to find a building that has the ability to turn on a rescue signal on the roof, but first you will need to find the matches that will allow you to turn on the signal. It will not be easy because the game will test your orientation, we will soon say the release date and stores available for download. Stay tuned for the novelties do not end here!

After Day il gioco di sopravivenza
Salve a tutti! Tempo fa abbiamo presentato uno dei progetti in svilup…

Infinity Imperium development is at 97%

Hello everyone! And well! After so much silence we begin to see a little light on the end of development at our tip project. Some minor changes will be made to make it ready and online to the news that we are about to present to you. As we said earlier, the Infinity Imperium project opens a universe where the story of the birth of a mysterious civilization is told. Where many other projects will be linked to this universe in chronological order, and you will see the chronology of all the projects very soon. Thanks to the mini-chronological map that we are setting up, but do not be afraid we will soon clarify everything and talk about the latest definitions made. The novelties do not end there remain tuned! Infinity Imperium lo sviluppo è al 97%
Salve a tutti! E bene si! Dopo tanto silenzio iniziamo a vedere un po’ di luce sulla fine dello sviluppo al nostro progetto di punta. Saranno apportate alcune piccole modifiche, per renderlo pronto e in linea alle novità che sti…

The great news!

Hello everyone to suffer from today there are important changes! Let's start by saying that we are working hard on Infinity Imperium despite the timing difficulties, the game now and 97% and will soon be completed and then announce the release date on Steam and our official website! Another great novelty is that we're finishing a table where you can see the titles linked to the universe of Infinity Imperium. We are also setting up our App for this and we apologize for the disruption recently caused, for now and under maintenance, and we will soon announce its full operation. That's because we're making big changes and we're adapting everything to be ready when we publish the project history and Infinity Imperium. Many things will be discovered thanks to the chronological chart of the video games we are producing, there will be no shots and fun games. It's about to explode an interesting information bomb, so stay tuned because the news does not end there and jus…

Discount air! (CamaWoW -50%)

Hello to all today, we present our first package of discounts on the designed mini games. We want to give everyone the opportunity to try our products, games designed for fast games without too much complications. Pure fun! And our goal is to give simple emotions with fast and practical games! Here's what we hope you can enjoy this discount promo that will last for 60 days. Wait, hurry up! Stay tuned for the novelties do not end here!

Aria di sconti! ( CamaWoW -50% )
Salve a tutti oggi vi presentiamo il nostro primo pacchetto di sconti sui mini game progettati. Vogliamo dare la possibilità a tutti di poter provare i nostri prodotti, giochi progettati per delle partite veloci senza troppe complicazioni. Puro svago! E il nostro obiettivo, regalare semplici emozioni con giochi veloci e pratici! Ecco che speriamo vi possa gustare questa promo di sconto che durerà per 60 giorni. Che aspettate, affrettatevi! Rimanete sintonizzati le novità non finiscono qui! www.camagames…