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2007-2017 (The end of a great and history was)


Multi-platform Holes!

Hello everyone! For some time we are talking about the new strategic we are developing for different platforms, including Windows, Mec, Android. in progress there are many changes and news for 2018, which we will discuss in the next news. Speaking of Holes and a particular project and like all projects has its difficulties, fortunately many are resolved soon and others with some more waiting. The epic story of caries will be developed as mentioned not only on the Desktop but also in the world of furniture, as mentioned before certain projects year their difficulties and unfortunately, the mobile version will have a certain weight in RAM. The current tests show that the game requires a smartphone of at least 4 GB of RAM to run smoothly with 2.5 Ghz with an Ottacore processor. In this project we have given the maximum of the graphic power of the new graphic engine, which will soon change with an even more flexible for the mobile. But here we will talk about it in the next news. The game…