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Infinity Imperium: community opening

Hi everyone!After the big announce regarding the release of the game, we are happy to announce you aregoing to find in the main menu a community section where you will find help and above all,updates and game expansions, mod included!This will allow a better and more efficient news management.Stay tuned for further updates,The Camagames Studio www.camagames.itInfinity Imperium: apertura community
Salve a tutti!Dopo il grande annuncio dell'uscita imminente del gioco, siamo felici di annunciarvi che troveretenel menu principale del gioco una comoda community dove potrete cercare assistenza esoprattutto tutti gli aggiornamenti ed espansioni del gioco, comprese le mod!Questo permetterà una migliore ed efficiente gestione delle novità.Restate sintonizzati per ulteriori aggiornamenti,Camagames Studio

Infinity Imperium: update on the 5 civs

Hi everyone!Here we are with an update about the five civs you will find in our project: Infinity is such a hugeand ambitious project that programming all the civs to be playable by the player will prolong, byfar, the waiting for the title and we do not want that!Accordingly, we tell you that the final version of the game will have a single playable civilization:the other four, once programmed, will be downloadable in the updates menu.This change may make the game less desirable, we are aware of this, but we prefer to focus onprogramming a single civ and do it well than scatter our energy and time trying to finish them allin hurry.The rest remains unchanged: you’ll have an entire galaxy of mysteries to discover and starsystems to conquer, fighting your way through the other 4 AI civs!Stay tuned for further updates.The Camagames Studio www.camagames.itInfinity Imperium: aggiornamenti sulle 5 civiltà
Salve a tutti!Siamo qui con un aggiornamento relativo alle 5 civiltà presenti nel titolo…

Infinity Imperium: project adjustment

Hi everyone!We want to tell you the last news about our project: everything is proceeding as we have foreseenand soon we will release the demo.We had to adjust the project according to new ideas we implemented in the last few months: nowthe galaxy is smaller but this reshaping is compensated for the new (and only) diplomacymanagement, missions.These missions, once completed, will calm down your enemies and if you will be able to achievea specific level, you can achieve a temporary truce.It will not be easy at all, even for skilled players!This and others expedients will make the gameplay less boring and with more action!Stay tuned for further updates.The Camagames Studio www.camagames.itInfinity Imperium: adattamento del progetto
Salve a tutti!Vi vogliamo dare le ultime notizie sul progetto: tutto procede secondo previsione e tra pocorilasceremo la Demo.Abbiamo dovuto adattare il progetto in funzione di nuove idee che abbiamo implementato negliultimi mesi: infatti ora la galassia è leg…

Infinity Imperium: Demo is coming!

Hi everyone!It’s with great happiness that, after a careful scrutiny, we announce you the making of an InfinityImperium demo!The demo will be limited to one civ and one Star System to conquer.Hold on! The demo is closer than ever!Stay tuned for further updates,The Camagames Studio www.camagames.itInfinity Imperium: la Demo sta arrivando!
Salve a tutti!E’ con grande gioia che, dopo una attenta valutazione, vi annunciamo che realizzeremo una demoper Infinity Imperium!La demo sarà limitata ad una sola civiltà e alla conquista di un solo sistema solare.Resistete! Ormai la demo è vicinissima!Restate sintonizzati per ulteriori aggiornamenti,Camagames Studio