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Infinity Imperium & the parallel universes!

Hello everyone! Today we are talking about a novelty announced last year, and that for various things we have spoken little. This is to avoid getting too close to the final events of Infinity Imperium so as to avoid leaving your mouth dry. The parallel universes will be a secondary point of the many stories that are intertwined with the narrative direction of I.I, but a year of fundamental importance for the discovery of various historical links and information on certain characters and events. We will not say much to avoid spoiler, but many projects will be set in different parallel universes. And many of these connect with the primary universe of the Infinitians, there is so much to discover and to narrate that we will be very busy developing only the first narrative Age. But do not worry you will have the opportunity to see and try some project of Age 2, as well as those who follow us since ages are narrative arcs of stories that intertwine and then eventually join and give life to…

Infinity Imperium expansion will be single player!

Hello everyone! After several debates over time and chat with you that you follow and you make many requests and questions, here we come to the conclusion that expansion that will prolong the story of I.I will no longer be multiplayer but well yes single player! This decision is also taken for the impressive dynamics that are contained in the continuation of events, also because we will insert technologies that will allow the player to do things never seen in an RTS! For this reason we have opted not to bury our heads on problems that are now insurmountable, and we will opt for a multiplayer project a little later. And while the development of the first chapter revised in a new graphic approach approaches 90%, we already attach a photo with the galaxy in the development of the star systems. But do not worry about a multiplayer project and in our plans, we are now concentrating on making the first chapter of the saga and then proceeding calmly towards the next. But stay tuned the news …

All the easter eggs and secrets of Infinity Imperium!

Hello everyone! As you well know in Infinity Imperium not only will there be easter eggs of various projects that we are developing, but also secrets that go to connect and close various stories intertwined with each other. The race towards the discovery of where the infinites are, will be very broad to the simple galaxy. And it will push the player towards infinite exploration of a real universe! In I.I (Infinity Imperium) we would have on all the star systems, of the times left by the Infinitians. The expansions that will be released in the future will allow an accurate search in certain details, obviously we can not say much more or we would risk telling the ending of the first chapter of our saga. as you can see in the picture from I.I that we will soon tell the release date, we can already glimpse the mysterious abandoned times. But keep staying tuned, because the news does not end there. Tutti i easter egg e segreti di Infinity Imperium!
Salve a tutti! Come ben sa…

Infinity Imperium opens the gates of infinity!

Hello everyone! With great joy and honor we published the last time, the first images of the revisited version of Infinity Imperium. First chapter in a long series, looking for who created everything! Fully 3D, she is preparing to open the gates of an infinity of stories and adventures all connected to each other. Decision very difficult to take to readjust all of its semi 3D content in total 3D, this RTS will surely drive you crazy. In addition to being one of a kind "that will soon explain what makes it unique" will be a gameplay of 120 hours of base that can be transformed to infinity! Who will buy the game will have expansions and MODs for free! 4 expansions and 2 MODs are already under development! So to make the game even more infinite! Infinity Imperium will be published on Steam and other stores and you can buy it for $ 9.99, the expansions can also be purchased separately from the game, and will be available for $ 5.99. Obviously you will have the advantage of havin…

I.I old VS graphics New graphics!