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I.I towards a new era


Infinity Imperium multiplatform?

Hello everyone!For some time we try to make our project very versatile and equipped to give appropriate experience to its context, in fact for some time we think not only to make a version for Mec but we are evaluating a mobile version for Android.A game so complex and cumbersome could give problems in a Build for Android, but we'll see if the tests we will do from now until the end of the month will give positive evidence to formalize a version on purpose. What about you keep staying tuned because the news does not end here!

I.I trilogy but when?

Hello everyone! Today we will finally take a look at what is the development program for Infinity Imperium, let's start immediately with the first title that Remastered will bring on Steam this year! After a long wait will make its debut and will not disappoint expectations indeed! But it will not be the only news! In fact, by 2020 we intend to close the II trilogy with Infinity Imperium 2, scheduled for the end of 2019 and Infinity Imperium 3 scheduled for the end of 2020. This is because we want to allow our fans not to wait too long, to know all about the story of the beginning of the universe. But do not worry both titles will keep you glued you have your devices for years! In fact there are many expansions and mods, in addition to the DLC is free but not soon we will talk about it. In time, we invite you to stay tuned, because the news does not end here!

La trilogia di I.I ma quando?
Salve a tutti! Oggi finalmente daremo una occhiata a quella che è il programma…

Irrlicht Engine will be the graphic engine for Infinity Imperium!