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Infinity Imperium: 5 Empires… Everything starts here!


Camagames Studio: Year 2

Hi everyone! Two years has passed since the Camagames Team became a Publisher and an independent development Studio: what is happened in these two years? In 2017, the first year, we sacrificed a lot of precious time into staff organization and new technology research allowing the studio to plan and design the very first projects, included the new graphic engine for Infinity Imperium. All this organization and research work slowed us down, so we could not release our first commercial project the past year. Fortunately, not all changes slowed us down: new programs acquired will allow realizing 3D and 2D games in shorter time than now. From 2/3 years to few months! A big step ahead for the Camagames Studio, now ready to show you its new universe full of mysteries and stories linked together! And in 2018? If 2017 was the technological and organizational year, 2018 was totally dedicated to the final development of Infinity Imperium. Now more than ever I.I is ready to parade in the RTS world! Very s…